Patricia Richey Puts Finishing Touches on Release

patricia-richey_aug2013Nashville, Tennessee was graced with music artist Patricia Richey’s vibrant presence this past week, but you wouldn’t have run into the Global Eyes Entertainment artist downtown enjoying one of the famous honky tonks or shopping in Green Hills; there was far too much work to be done.

Richey spent two days at Omni Sound Studios working on projects for her upcoming eponymous CD release. New tracks were cut with GEE’s own Preston Sullivan in the producer’s chair, Rory Rositas as engineer, and Joel Key as session leader. Patricia recorded six songs, including three originals and a remake of the Rolling Stones’, “Wild Horses.”

Richey was certainly a joy to behold with her beauty, intellect and amiable personality. Her smooth, soaring vocals hint at her Irish heritage, resulting in a unique, ethereal quality to her musical style.

All the magic was captured with behind-the-scenes video by videographer Jeff Johnson. “I was stunned at the effortless efficiency of Patricia throughout the shooting process,” he shared. “Fans will be rewarded with intimate details of the creative process, plus really get to know her through music, video cut-by-cuts and interviews.”

Johnson also shot Patricia’s first music video for ‘Safe and Sound,’ her interpretation of the massive hit from Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars. This sparse and intimate video will showcase just Patricia and a single microphone.

Industry veteran make-up artist Mary Beth Felts attended to all things glamorous and gorgeous.  “I just wanted to take her home with me!” joked Felts. “She is so beautiful – beautiful hair, flawless skin, bright shining eyes and very, very sweet.”

At the end of the two-day whirlwind of activities, all were cetain that big things are in store for this talented and driven artist. The Patricia Richey EP release is set for early September 2013.
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