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Interview with All American Girl bree

In a world where much of rock has lost its passion in a soulless sterility of studio smoke and mirrors comes bree – a 24-year-old religious cult castaway who discovered the truth the first time she plugged into a Gibson Flying V and cranked up a vintage Marshall amp. bree’s influences ranging from Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Patsy Cline to The Beatles, The Who, The Clash and The Ramones. In short, bree has carved out her own slice of the rock n roll pie.
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Bruno Mars In Concert in Cleveland

Although he is technically a pop star, Bruno Mars is a throwback artist in every way. He starts on time, he plays like Chuck Berry, moves like MJ and is rooted in doo wop. The Filipino / Puerto Rican heart-throb stopped into Cleveland on a near 90 degree day and made it even hotter. When the palm tree curtain dropped on the “Moonshine Jungle,” Mars got the crowd instantly on their feet and singing along to an assault of the power packed trio, “Moonshine,” “Natalie…
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Bree – All American Girl

On her debut release, “All American Girl,” Bree takes charge immediately with her signature Gibson Flying V on the bruising opener, “I’m the Boss” The tone is set for a hard charging 40 minutes that will appeal to a demographic ranging from classic rock to thrash metal fans. Most of the material is drawn from her nearly incomprehensible life as a religious cult castaway. J Themes include rebellion (“Dance All Night (with my finger in the air”)), love …
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Review: Lady Gaga in Concert

Forget about U2, Madonna and The Police. That was all repeat business. Breaking an artist through to global superstardom in the digital age is one of music’s biggest challenges. But the industry found the perfect storm in Lady Gaga. The pop juggernaut combines a flair for the unusual and a trademark message of universal empowerment with with sheer talent. A whole lot of it. The result is a hyper-energetic, wildly produced two hour spectacle that mostly…
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Cher and Pat Benatar in Concert

Even though Cher released an album last year, one look at the set list and you’ll soon realize she’s not pushing the new material. The show began with a video montage covering her fashion tastes over the years, from 70s bell bottoms through the 80s barely there black leather featured on the infamous “If I Could Turn Back Time” video. From there, she put on an awkwardly paced show that included plenty of Las Vegas glitz, countless costume…
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Heart In Concert In Pittsburgh, PA

There are many reasons Heart has been around for 40 years. Selling over 30 million albums and being dubbed “the female Led Zeppelin “top the list. But the Rock and Roll hall of Fame duo is not one to rest on its laurels. As if to prove their worth, the Wilson sisters packed the explosive energy of their arena show into Pittsburgh’s intimate Carnegie Music Hall and torched it for 90 minutes. They came out like a C4 explosion with a thunderous…
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FM 359 – Truth, Love and Liberty

FM 359 is the side project of Street Dogs members Mike McColgan, Johnny Rioux, and ex-Dropkick Murphys /Continental member Rick Barton. Street Dogs are punk rock’s champion of the everyman and tireless road warriors. Though they resolved to take a break from a relentless touring schedule, the music didn’t stop flowing. “Truth, Love and Liberty” is the result. The opener, Some Folks is a radio friendly workingman’s anthem and sets the tone for 10 tracks that defy…
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Tommy Emmanuel – Live and Solo in Pensacola, Florida

Acoustic phenom Tommy Emmanuel is literally a one man band. Inspired by guitar legend Chet Atkins, his “fingerstyle” picking technique enables him to play the bass, melody and drum parts all at once. He is one of only five recipients of Atkins’s coveted CGP (Certified Guitar Player) award. His highly anticipated CD/DVD combo “Tommy Emmanuel cgp: Live and solo in Pensacola, Florida” is an intimate showcase at the Jean & Paul Amos Performance Studio where the 58 year…
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Concert Review: Sheryl Crow at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh

With the Pittsburgh Steelers sitting at 2-5, their home venue was in need of some excitement. Heinz Field’s Great Hall finally got it when Sheryl Crow headlined the benefit “Girls With Guitars” show. While Danielle Bradberry, Sara Evans, Kellie Pickler and local favorite Sara Marince were billed as co-headliners, they proved to be a quartet of openers for the far more seasoned Crow. Indeed, Bradberry, Pickler and Marince are platinum blonde carbon copies with virtually interchangeable…
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Kid Rock In Concert in Burgettstown, PA

When Kid Rock announced that his fan friendly “Best Night Ever” tour would price the majority of tickets at $20, fans nationwide lined up in droves. 19,000 of them scattered First Niagara Pavilion Saturday Night. With the discounted price, one might expect the production to suffer. Not so. For 1 hour and 50 minutes, the Other Motor City Madman”ran, jumped and burned through a set filled with lasers, confetti and pyro. After a taped “prayer” in which…
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Critics Continue To Praise Blake Shelton’s “Ten Times Crazier” Tour

Blake Shelton’s “Ten Times Crazier” tour will be hitting Holmdel, N.J., Hartford, Conn., and Mansfield, Mass. this weekend in what continues to be one of the most talked about tours of the summer. In this week’s Billboard Magazine, Ray Waddell …
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Angie Johnson – From the Air Force to the Airwaves

If you’re going to cover Adele and open for Martina McBride, you need some powerful pipes. Former Air Force staff sergeant Angie Johnson packs military might, literally. After skyrocketing to YouTube fame leading the Air Force Band’s now famous cover of Rolling In The Deep (3.5 million hits), she appeared on the second season of The Voice and made it through the first battle round under coach Cee Lo Green. Her four-song EP, “Sing For You” showcases all sides of her personality. From…
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Concert Review: The History of The Eagles Tour

The “History of the Eagles” tour is aptly named. Theirs has been a notoriously turbulent. Despite all the ballyhooing about breakups and acrimony, they never really went away. Thanks to radio formatting, their songs have been mainstays on everything from classic rock to easy listening. With its recent stop in Pittsburgh, they again proved why some consider them one ofthe best American bands e. Henley and Frey led off with an acoustic “Saturday Night” Ex member Bernie Leadon was then…
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Bruno Mars At Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh

Although he is technically a pop star, Bruno Mars is a throwback artist in every way. He starts on time, he wears a suit and his guitar is actually plugged in. The Filipino/Puerto Rican’s Pittsburgh debut was held at Consol Energy Center. Devoid of hockey since the Penguin’s early round exit, the arena was packed as if were a Cup finals game. When the gold laced palm tree curtain dropped on the “Moonshine Jungle”, Mars got the crowd instantly on their feet and singing along to an assault of the…
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Concert Review: Tom Petty In Pittsburgh

Tom Petty recently told Rolling Stone magazine that he did “not want to become a jukebox” by playing greatest hits set every night. His goal was to showcase deep cuts and less familiar material. Luckily, Pittsburgh got the best of both worlds last Thursday. Petty hadn’t played indoors in the steel city since 1995’s “Wildflowers” when the iconic Civic Arena was still standing. Devoid of hockey, the new Consol Energy Center played host to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and one of the best American…
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Lonestar – Twenty Years and Counting

A twenty year anniversary is cause for celebration, and Lonestar is marking this career milestone in more ways than one. Reunited with original lead singer Richie McDonald, the multi-platinum quartet is working hard on a brand new album and embarking on an extensive anniversary tour, with over 90 dates scheduled in North America alone. “Twenty years ago, when we put this little band together to play in some bars and make a little money, I dreamed it pretty good,” admits keyboard player and…
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Concert Review: Brad Paisley “Beat This Summer” Tour

Brad Paisley is best known as the affable co-host of the CMA awards. The Glen Dale, WV native is also the closest thing to a guitar god that country music has to offer. The “Telecaster Tornado” showcased his blazing fretwork for two solid hours on the “Beat This Summer” Tour at a packed First Niagara Pavilion Saturday night. He emerged in his signature white hat with an ear to ear grin and opened the shredding fest with a laser laden “Southern Comfort Zone” from his new album “Wheelhouse.”
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Jo Dee Messina Talks My Time, Our Music

The Beatles once sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Jo Dee Messina is looking for just that for her new album. After an amicable split from Curb, Messina has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for “My Time, Our Music.” Backers can pledge funds at various levels ranging from $5 to $10,000 plus. Each tier brings rewards ranging from autographed merchandise to playing onstage at a show or having Messina come to your home to cook dinner. A goal of $100,000 must be reached by …
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Concert Review: Joe Bonamassa in New York

In the first 20 minutes of his show at New York’s Beacon Theater, Joe Bonamassa had broken a string and had a few people were dancing in the aisles while he shredded through the first five songs. That’s nothing new, except he hadn’t even strapped on the Les Paul yet. The 2013 tour opens with an acoustic mini set featuring two covers; Bad Company’s Seagull and Charlie Mingus’s Jelly Roll. Even if the songs were unfamiliar to some, the blazing runs, foot stomping beat and frenetic energy…
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Concert Review: Yngwie Malmsteen

Whenever the topic of the greatest guitar shredders arises, Yngwie Malmsteen’s name inevitably comes up, usually first. The Super Swede’s “Spellbound” tour rolled into Homestead, PA’s historic Carnegie Library Music Hall where he put on pyrotechnic clinic showcasing his blazing speed, delicate textures and ear splitting decibel levels. Malmsteen’s shows are unburdened by traditional elements such as vocals and linear melodies. Like his albums, they are almost completely instrumental…
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