Orbo & The Longshots – Prairie Moon

by Chuck Dauphin

Norway born Orbo & The Longshots have been a very popular band for years overseas, and with this EP, the band is looking at adding some success here in the states. Sometimes, it’s a little bit tough for a band from outside of the United States to make it here, but I think they’ve got a pretty good shot of doing so.

With cuts like “Diva Queen,” a soaring, passionate duet between Orbo and fellow band member Ine Tumyr, one would think that success here in the “Continental Forty-Eight” might be easier than most. The lyrics are strong, and the harmony is air-tight.

The band goes for a more haunting vibe on “Tell Me What I Said,” and sounds just as great on it as track one. Each cut on this disc is very much different from the previous one, with “Black Eye” being a biting piece of social commentary about one of America’s most vicious crimes, and they venture from that to an old timey retro feel on the closer – the enteratining “Coin In The Wishing Well.” One of the best international acts I have heard in a long, long time!

For more information, log on to www.OrboAndTheLongshots.com




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