Nine Lies – 9Lies

by Terri McGuire

nine-lies_9liesI have to say it right at the start for those of you who skim these reviews. This album, “9Lies” kicks ass. Simply put. The belated follow up to their 2007 debut ‘Behind it all’, the Belfast, Ireland outfit ‘Nine Lies’ have truly found their niche and sound with this outing. Everything is in its place. Hooks. Monstrous beat. Melody. It’s all there.

Listen to the previews and hear for yourself because those are not nine lies but ten awesome truths that spit out the next generation of indie with such a fervour that this album doesn’t beg your attention, it demands it.

From the get go with ‘Take Me Away’ with its Epic, moody intro followed by deep dark guitars and mystical dark male vocal, you know this is going to be a serious album.

It doesn’t just deal in stories of the heart or negativity, far from it, with tracks like ‘We R1′ which has a positive “WE CAN DO IT!” vibe. It’s essentially a Driving Guitar Indie rock album, with pounding drums, big riffs and great storylines taking you on a road trip from A to B with a let’s get together and do this theme. Hot smokin’ guitars, fierce vocals — Save the World is the goal here. Nascar, racing, hot cars, endurance tests, action movies.

Nine Lies, are an alternative rock band formed in 2003, consisting of vocalist Stevie Mann, guitarists Dave Kernohan and Nick Black, bassist John Rossi, and drummer Stephen McAuley. This group of five is really something special, composing an album of ten tracks all of which are great on their own, but together become something truly special. The instrumentals used are masterful, speeding up and slowing down where appropriate. In each track, the instrumentals are perfect and the rhythm is admirable. I promise you’ll find your foot tapping at some point while listening. If it strangely isn’t the first song, it’ll definitely be one of the others. It’s unavoidable.

My personal favourites on first listen were tracks one through five but don’t listen to me here because the second half takes the album in an entirely new direction of equal awesomeness, including “A Kill for the King,” a song with smooth tones and orchestral sounds like you’d find in the opening for a James Bond movie. The drawn-out vocals mix well with the drumbeats and guitar strums, creating an amazing song. I could definitely see this track opening a future 007 movie.

The second half of the album winds up with what I could only describe as another twist in the road with the christian rock sounding finale ‘Someone’ put simply, a song of longing.

I really don’t want to fill in too many gaps, like telling you the end of the movie that you are about to watch. It’s all there to be discovered like an open book. What I will say is that there is something about listening to rock in general that makes me excited. I’m not sure what it is or why it happens, but rock peps me up. It energizes me, even when I’m depressed. I could be suffering from food poisoning, keeling over from nausea, and all it takes is a good rock band to cure what ails me. This fact continues to hold up with Nine Lies’ album, “9 Lies.”

In the round? All ten songs are incredible.  These guys deserve more than the attention they’re getting now so check them out! “9 Lies” by Nine Lies is out now on most major online outlets.

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