New York Rock Band Sway Release Debut Self-Titled EP on 5/13

sway_apr2014Naming themselves after the second track on the Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers”, NY’s rock n’ roll band, Sway performs music that is raw and honest.  The band, founded by Andy Hilfiger (guitars, vocals) and Ted Utz (bass, vocals) in 2012, along with lead vocalist Lou Young; Tory Ridder (drums); Mike Bishop (keyboards); and Jason Rudolph (guitar), keep the tradition of rock alive with songs built on blazing guitar riffs, driving percussion and spirited lyrics.  On May 13th, Sway is proud to announce the worldwide release of their self-titled debut EP through Andy Hilfiger Entertainment, with distribution through CEN/RED Distribution, a division of Sony Music.

Directed by complementary songwriting visions, the collaboration of Hilfiger, Utz and Young has evolved, combining a strong sense of melody and a gimmick-free approach to songcraft.  Sway’s EP features five original songs and also includes a cover of the Alice Cooper classic, “I’m Eighteen”, which is a personal favorite of the band’s and has received an enthusiastic rave from the Alice Cooper Band’s Dennis Dunaway.

Produced by Hilfiger, Utz and Chach Cacinovic, the release was recorded between November 2013 and this January at NYC’s Spin Studios and Quad Studios.

Andy Hilfiger began his career performing alongside Marky Ramone of the Ramones, and Richie Stotts of the Plasmatics at iconic Bowery clubs, including CBGB’s, Great Gildersleeves, and The Ritz, in contrast to his brother, Tommy, who was simultaneously building his preppy, all-American fashion brand. Their worlds collided when Tommy enlisted Andy to bring music and fashion together, sponsoring tours and dressing everyone from The Rolling Stones and Pete Townsend, to Britney Spears, Lenny Kravitz, and Snoop Dogg.  Even while building fashion brands for Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Adam Levine, and Nicki Minaj, Andy has continued to perform with the likes of ZZ Top, Kid Rock, and founding members of Blue Oyster Cult, the Alice Cooper Band, and the Dead Boys.

Ted Utz’s noted career in rock radio has also kept him close to the live music that has shaped a generation.  As General Manager and VP of heritage American FM stations like WNEW in New York and WMMR, Philadelphia, Utz has music in his blood.  He first picked up a guitar as a young teenager.

Emmy award winning TV news journalist Lou Young first learned to play drums as a teenager on Long Island.  One of the members of Sway was once quoted as saying, “not only does Lou have a great rock ‘n blues tone to his voice, he also remembers all the words!”

Keeping one foot in the tradition of solid rock and roll while easily embracing new sounds, it’s clear that Sway has an affection for music and a nascent DIY attitude towards creating and sharing it with fellow aficionados.



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