New Jersey Rocker Rich Lynch Warns Against Loss of Freedoms on “All Rights Reversed”

rich-lynch_all-rights-reservedNew Jersey rocker Rich Lynch returns in June 2015 with his latest digital release “All Rights Reversed ” that finds the singer tackling a major issue that impacts the lives of all citizens in the United States and the world at large.

“In 2008, I misread the words printed on a vinyl record as ‘all rights reversed’ instead of the standard ‘all rights reserved’. I paused, thought that would make a cool song title and immediately wrote down two verses and stuck the song in a drawer,” Lynch explains regarding the origins of his most politically charged recording to date. “Fast forward five years to the revelations of Edward Snowden and it was time to revisit the words on the printed page. I spent several weeks finishing it up, called up the band and they really nailed it in the studio!”

“In 2001, we saw the passing of the Patriot Act in the United States and at that time many political commentators warned that we were entering dangerous times in America,” Lynch remembers. “We heard over and over how the roll back of any rights could create a slippery slope that just might lead to the erosion of all our cherished freedoms we’ve come to know and love in our country.”

The six minute and thirty-three second track opens with some vivid sound effects and a reverse vocal before powering into a solid tempo rock trot that doesn’t let up. Along the way Lynch recounts some of the things that have been bothering him – notably an increased presence of Big Brother in the lives of global citizens everywhere.

“Maybe it’s because I was raised on dystopian novels like 1984 and Brave New World,” Lynch explains. “But, there’s no debating that intrusive drones and unwanted electronic monitoring have become an unfortunate fact of modern life. I hope this new song will get people to at least question how much is enough and get them to take a firm stand for liberty while we still have a chance.”

Feedback to the track has been very supportive so far and Lynch continues to receive high-marks for his insightful and captivating songs from peers and press alike, including:

Recording artist Joe D’Urso ( says: “A rocking song with no holds barred social commentary. We need more like this in our ‘stick your head in the sand’ society…”

Canadian rocker Brad Scott of Stumblekat ( says: “Didn’t know what to expect. Amazing. I can’t stop listening. RLB nails it ….”

U.K.-based music blogger Boulent Mustafa ( says: “All Rights Reversed is a rocktastic beast of a song, which showcases Rich’s powerful vocals as well as energetic beats, killer guitar sequences and deep and meaningful lyrics.”

Musician Dan Sheehan ( says: “A strong melody that I could equally hear being sung by both Dave Grohl and Roger McGuinn. Lyrically Rich protests diminishing individual rights in our society which hit hard on the song’s vocal-delayed bridge which gives way to a ripping guitar solo. The song is catchy and grabs the listener without letting go anywhere along the way.”

Musician Cory Plaugh ( says: “Great song and sound! I’m digging the rebellious vibe. Strong vocals and I love the guitars. This tune makes me want to hear more of this style in my life.”

Fan Joe Fagan says: “Dude, this is killer! ”

Dedicated Fingerstyle Guitar player John Sheehan ( says: “A clever turn of phrase and rockin’ music wielded by freedom loving lyricist/vocalist, Rich Lynch.”

Listeners can decide for themselves if “All Rights Reversed” is alarmist hyperbole or righteous rock in the tradition of some of the genre’s best political songs. The track is featured on YouTube and can be purchased for 99 cents from reputable digital dealers including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and CDBaby.

Links to purchase digital MP3 downloads and free streaming can be found on the song page HERE.





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