Neverwonder – Really Let It Out

by Chuck Dauphin

never-wonder-reallySometimes, a change can bring about a bit of creative energy. When it comes to Los Angeles-based Neverwonder, that sentence definitely applies. After a well-received 2010 debut, the band has switched lead singers for their new EP, with Alima Soul joining the group. What does she bring to the band? Actually, a lot! Soul shimmers through the tracks on this disc with all the confidence and sultriness of a Rock & Roll vixen, particularly on the rockers “Let It Out” and “Help Me,” where she leaves no doubt about her talents. Needless to say, it was definitely a great pickup!

Soul also delivers on the bluesy tour de force of “Spinning,” showing her full-throttle vocal range, which is also a highlight on the disc, and effectively plays the role of Pop chanteuse on the 1980s sounding “Enough.” My only gripe about this disc is that it is too short. I think that history will record the decision to hire Soul as lead singer will be one of the best decisions Neverwonder ever made. Needless to say, the sky is the limit! Consider me on the bandwagon!

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