Natasha Borzilova – Out Of My Hands

by Janet Goodman

“When people listen to this record, I’d like them to understand that they’re actually looking into a very, very personal space in my soul.” Singer/songwriter folk artist Natasha Borzilova is referring to her latest – her third solo project, “Out Of My Hands,” released by Hadley Music Group. This self-produced, eleven-song CD is smart and introspective; she peels back the layers of relationships and life experiences, and tells all with an intimate vocal that occasionally rocks out, grabbing the listener by the collar and giving it a shake.

Borzilova was a long-time member of the Grammy-nominated band, Bering Strait, that came to Nashville from Russia with their unique “redgrass” music. Two of the band’s songs appear here, most notably the sad and lovely title track, where she confesses that someday she’ll be over a breakup: “I’m not gonna cry, oh no/Not a single tear/I keep myself in check/I tried everything/Couldn’t bring you back.”

Like wildflowers, hints of Shawn Colvin inspiration push through her memorable chorus melodies, and her A-list studio band’s sparkling music moments pop off the speakers. Dynamic drumming and electric guitar rumble in like a storm on “Fisherman’s Wife,” and Billy Panda’s mandocello gives some old-world flair to her work on “Better Than Me” and “Gypsy.”

Album stand-outs come in the second half. “One Second Flat” tells about the death of her father through the eyes of a frightened thirteen-year old girl: “Gotta get away/But she can’t run that fast/Scary things replace other things/That wouldn’t last.” Borzilova’s deliciously catchy phrasing over Michael Rojas’ Hammond B3 in the alt rock “One Soul Desire” makes for her most powerful performance here, where she sings: “I’d let you go but I still wish I could/Stretch my arm across the bed/And reach inside your dream again/Is one soul desire enough to change your minds/ And make you stay?…”

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