It’s always nice to know when something you do is liked by another person. Here’s what others are saying about Music News Nashville…

“Music With a Mission” was a rousing success last night, with over 1,200 tickets sold and a fast-paced evening of amazing entertainment. One of the performers mentioned that they had heard of people coming from California and St. Louis, and when they were performing in the Midwest met someone from Iowa who was coming to the Nashville event. We had people coming from all over the U.S.

“Though I don’t know it for a fact, but I can’t help but believe that your websites’ coverage helped make this possible to raise so a large share of the necessary funding for the Nashville Rescue Mission which ministers to the homeless in our region with educational and technology programs, drug treatment programs, and temporary housing for those men, women and children in our region who are disadvantaged for a variety of reasons. The Nashville Rescue Mission helps to steer them to a new productive path.

“Thank you so much for all you did to help make this possible.”
– Lucinda L. Hall, Lucinda Hall Public Relations

“I would like to say thanks for the coverage you have provided for my artists. It makes a major difference in their efforts to be seen and heard”
– Frank Roszak, Fran Roszak Promotions

“Thank you for running a release in your news section promoting the Little Kids Rock benefit at George’s Nightclub on Sunday May 6, 2012. Early forecasts on the financial outcome of the event indicate that the night will yield enough to fund about 200 guitars, or 30 drum kits, or giving give new teachers Little Kids Rock training and all the curriculum to start classes at their school. Any way you cut it, that’s a lot of rock’n’roll. This event was a life-changing and perspective-building experience for Little Kids Rock, and party of our critical steps in building a strong following in the area, and we are really very grateful for your helping us make it so. For the kids and their teachers, it was nothing short of awesome! We are very thankful to count you as a big friend to our little rockers!”
– Gina Sideris – Development Officer, Little Kids Rock

“I must say how much pleasure I get from your website and that I use the information on my radio show all the time.”
– Len Ford (Oban FM 103.3)

“I have found Music News Nashville to be an excellent resource for getting breaking news out about all of my clients, knowing that MNN’s reach extends far beyond its Nashville namesake…my clients have also been the beneficiary of CD reviews and interviews in the magazine over the years. I, for one, am very appreciative of Music News Nashville and what it means to us as a vital news source.”
Doug Deutsch Publicity Services. Los Angeles, Calif

“As we close out 2011, just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you for supporting Levin Torn White. The record is still going strong & if it wasn’t for people like you, the recording would be sitting in the closet.”
Scott Shorr, Lazy Bones Recordings

“Many thanks for your daily great news from Music City U.S.A. I was a lot of times in Nashville. You bring Nashville`s music directly in my office. It`s much easier for my daily radio work. My listeners are happy when they heard your news. Again thanks and keep up your great work.”
Pete Lenloy, Radio Carinzia, Loosdorf, Austria

“Big Daddy and I very much appreciate all that you do for live music in Nashville… and around the Country. Thank you Dan. All the best!”
Amy Trek, Administrator for Randall “Big Daddy” Webster Blues Performer

“The news letter is looking great….good stuff Dan, keep up the good work.”
– Josh Thompson, Columbia Nashville Recording Artist

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts to continue to bring us a great product. Every time I open the latest version of Music News I get a chance to learn something new about writing and other informative issues. I joined Song U a couple of months ago after finding the link through your publication. I procrastinated a year or so but now I’m glad I joined. They have a lot of good info and allow interactive relations as well as a really good curriculum. Thanks for the lead. Keep up the good work”
Keith Dye, Faithful longtime subscriber

“I really love reading through MNN and the revision has been terrific – great newsletter and website overall – terrific photography especially. I especially like the coverage of singer-songwriters and of events that are perhaps not as “publicized” ( like CMA week etc) but really more about the business as well as the music – CRS Week and Tin Pan South. As a frequent visitor to Nashville, the guide to live music is invaluable when trying to maximize live music listening on short notice and in a limited period of time.”
– Josepha Cheong

“I love getting this newsletter… it’s very cool.. Keep up the great work.”
Ty Herndon, Titan/Universal recording artist

“I enjoy the Music News Nashville newsletters – helps keep me in touch as to what’s going on in Nashville so that when I make my trips down shopping for acts\artists – I know who to be watching out for and listening too.! Thanks.” –
Scotty Dowle, The Entertainment & Music Production Organization (TEMPO)

“I’m not sure how I got on your mailing list but I’m glad I did. This is the best site I’ve seen so far for fellow songwriters. Thank you.”
– Steve Christopher, Cloud 10 Music

“I can’t tell you how much I think your news letters and website are over and above everyone else’s. You’re really on top of everything. The site is really beautiful with the picture of Nashville.”
– Phil Bennington of Soggydawgs

“A heap of thanks to Dan for this site and the opportunity to get to know you folks.”
– John Turner, Songwriter

“Hey, Dan! just went through your latest issue and thought I’d congratulate you on the “evolution” of your site. In my opinion the professionalism, user-friendly navigation, broad array of topics/issues, and increasingly inclusive coverage of various aspects of the NashVegas music scene is impressive, to say the least. Congrats, man . . . I believe you’ve created a viable and significant journalistic presence which will endure and continue to evolve successfully.”
– Tony Seibert, Lightning Records

“I love your site and your emails, so keep ’em coming! They truly are a very helpful tool for musicians in Nashville.”
– Laura Clapp

“Just wanted to let you know that a booker out of Florida contacted me last week about getting a press kit and booking some shows for me – paying gigs – and said he found my website from your newsletter — !!!! — thank you so much for doing this — its SUCH a COOL thing to do – KUDOS to YOU!”
– Treva Blomquist

“I really enjoy the newsletter each time its sent. (MNN) is an up to date reporting of some interesting news in our music world. Thanks for the newsletter. I’ll be waiting on the next one.”
– Roy Bennett and the Liberty Bluegrass Boys, Liberty, TX

“I am impressed! You have really put together a nice source for information on the Internet…very professional, yet easy reading. Great job on this! We love it…so keep it coming!”
– Jan Andrews

“Thanks Dan. The site looks great — the most important thing is to keep it current, which you always do! Keep up the good work.”
– Tori Sparks

“Best info I have found on Nashville. I drive in every week or two and this will be a great resource for me. Thanx.”
Rick Stewart, Crossville TN.

“Very impressive and comprehensive website. I can’t imagine how much work you have put into it, but it shows–your newsletter has grown by leaps and bounds and I am sure you will be drawing many, many new writers and artists and others to your website. Thanks for the opportunity to be listed in such a great publication. Wishing you much success.”
Gordon Ellis

“I have had a lot of exposure and even got some phone calls due to your site…You are the best, thanks for letting me be a part of it…”
Rebecca Hosking

“I really enjoy reading Music News Nashville. It is so up to date on what’s happening on the front line of country music.”
Alex Ceruzzi, Treasure Chest Records

“Thanks so much for all your hard work”
Jenn Harris

“Great newsletter!!!! Thanks for keeping me in the loop”
Tom Paden

“I was surprised at how much your newsletter has the potential to help me with my own goals. I want to thank you for producing it and all the hard work you are putting in to get it going, pretty much all on your own.”
Angel Isaacs

“What an amazing newsletter! You have the most impressive assemblage of writer/artist information I’ve seen anywhere!”
Micki Milom

“I am a writer that is currently not living in Nashville, so helps me keep my finger on the pulse (of) the Nashville area.”
Susie Windish, Chicago