About Us

The Music News group started as Music News Nashville, a small newsletter by Dan Harr to pass information on to others about his performance schedule as well as those of a couple of his friends. Within a month, the newsletter had grown to include dozens of other artists who liked the idea and the mailing list went from about 25 people to over a thousand. The mailing list has continued to grow to tens of thousands while the content of the newsletter incorporates more information.

Music News Nashville went online in November, 2004 and officially became a full-blown magazine in June, 2005, with the focus on providing information on the Nashville songwriting community to those who want to know what was happening in “Nashvegas.”   As the magazine continued to grow, genres other than Country Music were included.

Since 2009, the Music News Group has grown to include ten city locations including: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. We’ve incorporated all genres into our news and information source, profiling indie and unsigned artists alongside those who have made a national name for themselves.

This website was originally dedicated to disseminating information about songwriters and the words they create.  There are more than enough sites out there supporting the top artists, but very few providing information about the people who write the songs the artists sing.  Without good songs, artists wouldn’t be who they are.  To quote Beth Nielsen Chapman, “without songwriters, Celene Dion would be singing the phone book.”

On June 25, 2015, after ten years of service we decided it was time to slow things down. We have now gone to a once-per-week update of articles, CD reviews, and interviews. We will continue to remain active for as long as possible.

Thanks for checking out Music News Nashville.

Dan Harr