Mike Cullison & The Regulars – Barstool Monologues

by Chuck Dauphin

I have got to tell you that this – a concept album featuring many of the stories of people who come together in a bar – is something that is more than a little different. Cullison – one of Nashville’s most respected tunesmiths, wrote or co-wrote every song on the album, and each track is introduced by the “bartender,” Hollis (who also is Mike, if you are keeping score).

While some of the vocal performances are better than others on the album, each song really seems to work well – especially in the “Barroom Setting.” Vocally, some of the top moments come from Tiffany Huggins Grant on “As The Cold Sets In.” She really delivers with a piercing vocal on this expressive cut. Davis Raines contributes a decidedly old-school take on the plaintive “Till I See Her With Him,” which is also a highlight. Another top moment comes from Travis Lamb, who conjures up a Haggard-esque weariness on “Just Another Night.”

If you head out to the barrooms tonight, keep in mind that everyone has their individual stories to tell. With that in mind, Cullison delivers a project that will have you thinking and maybe a little bit of drinking, as well!

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