Matthew Huff – Strong

by Chuck Dauphin

There’s a place—about four-five hours west of Nashville that has earned quite the reputation for its’ musical offerings over the years—-Drasco, Arkansas.  Names like Doug DeForest, Tim Crouch, Robbie Springfield, and Ken Loggains have given artists another outlet—one away from the hustle and bustle and corporate feel of Nashville to lay their sound down.

The latest such singer to come through that musical road is Arkansas native Matthew Huff.  Having enjoyed some success on the charts with his debut, “Back Again,” which was a prime example of what he is capable of vocally, he serves up a six-cut EP that shows he’s got a few other tricks in his pocket.

One can tell that Huff has been influenced partly by the sounds of the Delta not too far away.  “I’d Do It For You” and “Strong” definitely shows that side of his talent, and both of them work beautifully when demonstrating his talents.

He shifts into more of a traditional gear with “Together Perfectly,” and “As Time Goes By,” both of which would classify as radio-ready.  However, he scores highest with “You Can’t Fool A Fool,” which should give him even more of a shot at success on Country Radio—-leading, of course, to his next album—-which I am already looking forward to!

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