Matt Turk – Cold Revival

by Janet Goodman

matt-turk_cold-revival“This is a much more personal record. After interpreting songs by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones [on the 2010 release “American Preservation”], I really made a point of looking inward,” says folk artist Matt Turk in a 2013 Westchester Magazine interview, discussing going into the studio to work on his upcoming album “Cold Revival.” All 11 songs here are written by or adapted from other works by the Hastings, New York singer/songwriter, recorded in Burbank, California and produced by David Dobkin — aka film director of “Wedding Crashers.”

Turk digs deep with his vocals on this collection, starting with the vibrant delivery on folk rocker “Cracked Egg,” where his mandolin equally sparkles with energy. He reveals a sweet falsetto in the story about the arc of a relationship –- his gentle reggae “When A Boy,” and he’s brooding in the recitation verses of “Say You’ll Live,” only to let loose in its anthemic and melodic chorus.

“Battle Song” is adapted from “Tunturisatu,” and Turk spins it with a dark gypsy vibe. In “Quiet Day” a woman saves him from his own desperate feelings: “She sets me free from all the weight bearing down on me/All I want is to live out my days with her peacefully.” Turk ends his album with a dynamic splash of color, going toe to toe vocally with Dan Pinnella’s exploding guitar. This record stretches beyond its personal origins to make a memorable universal connection.

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