Matt Kennon Takes Stand Against Bullying with “You Had To Pick On Me”

Country rocker Matt Kennon’s 2010 Top 20 and #1 Heatseeker Billboard hit “The Call” shined a spotlight on a conversation. That conversation inspired another conversation, and another. Word spread, and soon everyone was talking about “The Call,” reaching out to one another, sharing its reaffirming message to help prevent suicide.

Here In 2012, Matt keeps the conversation going. With his new recording, “You Had to Pick On Me,” he continues the conversation in song.

“He said, ‘No one is nice to me, they laugh at me.’ He told me he didn’t have any friends.” Matt shares the tender meeting he had with a second grader named Logan. “And I said, ‘Well, you do now.’”

It was just supposed to be a lunch with his niece and his sister, at the time a teacher’s aide at the Rocky Plains Elementary School in Georgia. And there was Logan, sad and alone, a victim of bullying. Matt answered the call and reached out.

Matt extended his conversation of hope to Logan, and then to the student that was bullying Logan. And then, to the rest of us. And now it’s your turn. “You Had To Pick On Me” isn’t just another great country song with gritty vocals and an anthem-like chorus that stays with you. It’s an honest plea to stop bullying. It’s music that matters. It’s a conversation we should all join.

Matt’s new single is his stand against bullying. “It’s not fluff, it’s not fictional. People are hurting.” Matt’s enthusiasm is infectious. That’s because he truly believes together we can make a difference. “Bullying isn’t just in schools. I’ve been bullied, it goes on in the industry, it goes on in the workplace.”

And wherever the conversation leads, Matt will go. Check Matt’s website for upcoming tour information.  Festivals, schools, educational facilities, workplace inspirational seminars and celebrations – if there’s anywhere you want to open a dialogue through Matt’s music, do it. Contact Matt for bookings with your ideas. Fan videos, contests… there are lots of ways to get involved. Matt welcomes and encourages it. What do you have to say?

Maybe it’s because Matt Kennon’s about to become a father. Maybe it’s because there really is someone out there right now this second that desperately needs to hear this new song with this message. Maybe it’s because Matt has endured some personal challenges, just as everyone has. Logan isn’t alone; he’s one of many. That’s why it’s so important, now more than ever, to talk about it. After “The Call” Matt waited until he had something else to say, something that could continue and matter.

Bullying is cruel, and unnecessary, and unconscionable. Don’t wait until it’s too late to talk about it, before you share the message.

Oh, and Logan? “He’s doing well,” Matt sighs with relief. “He’s in 3rd grade now, yeah, he’s doing very well.”

“You Had To Pick On Me” is available for download on iTunes amongst other outlets. Are you ready talk about music that matters?

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