Matt Kennon Picks Up Momentum and Support For New Single

Matt Kennon has partnered with Ride Records to formally introduce Kennon’s current single “You Had To Pick On Me”* via the launch of an official national radio promotion campaign.

Moved by a topic that is tragically becoming daily headline news, Kennon’s “You Had To Pick On Me,” addresses the increasing presence of bullying through song. A co-write with Jami Grooms and Garrett Parris, the track is a striking and honest reflection of victim sentiment and it’s struck a chord with many to recognize bullying as a life-threatening issue—a growing problem that can no longer be silenced.

The song features two perspectives, from both a young woman and man, suffering from tragic and troublesome experiences and hushed heartaches as a result of harassment. The frank lyrics express the dark and silent pain of the victims. Kennon’s closing verse is the result and response; he appeals for a change and reminds listeners that some of those who are bullied feel no alternate escape from the turmoil but to take their own life.

“Matt and I were talking about our new tour dates together and he mentioned his new song. Once I heard it, I knew we wanted to be part of helping him work this single,” Steve Azar, owner of Ride Records introduced. “It’s so timely with what’s going on, not only in our children’s lives but across the country–victims are young and old. Matt delivers the message in an artistic and powerful way; it’s truly a great song.”

“It’s an issue that has been a historic problem, yet very little has been done to address it publicly—other than through tragic news stories.” Kennon adds. “This song lays it out there—paints a picture—and it’s my way of drawing more attention to the problem. I’m thrilled Steve and his team at Ride Records see the importance of the message and share my vision to get it out there to speak on behalf of those who cannot.”

Ride Records’ Harry “Bud” Nelson and Dave “Duke” Sholin will head the national radio promotion campaign supported by the stellar promotions team already in place (Al Brock, Ann Chrisman, Regina Raleigh and Ed Gertler of Digital Delivery Services) that has lent their tremendous talents to captivate audiences and generate awareness across the country.

To further support the endearing campaign, Steve Azar and Matt Kennon are working to establish a schedule of tour dates together in the 2012 summer season. Matt has also received a personal invitation from the D.A. of Mobile, Alabama to organize a series of performances at local schools to add volume to the important message in Kennon’s home state. The school appearances will begin in May.

“We are pleased to align with Matt Kennon; he’s an artist who is committed to his song and has the work ethic to stand behind it,” Bill “BT” Twyman, President of Ride Records concluded. “The story is from a real place and it’s a story that is tough to tell. Nevertheless, we all are aware that we can no longer hide the true-to-life fact that bullying is real and effects all mankind in a very real way. Matt delivers it with heart and soul.”

Ride Records works in tandem with independent talent to change the country music landscape. Home to Steve Azar, the label is proud to announce the signings of two brilliant singer/songwriters, Dave Hardin and Walt Wilkins. CD releases are expected from Hardin and Wilkins in the coming months. For more information on Ride Records, visit:

More information about Matt Kennon, including tour dates and appearances, is available at his website,   Now at No. 69 on the Music Row chart, Kennon’s “You Had To Pick On Me” is available on Play MpE and all Internet outlets.



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