Mary Edwards and Murder on Music Row

by Dan Harr

mary-edwardsOne of the hardest-working, rising stars in the Nashville television, film and even literary world, is Mary Edwards. As of this writing, the Nashville-based entertainment impresario has no fewer than a half-dozen TV, film, and book projects in the works, with more new projects being added at a rapid clip. The project Mary is most proud of: “Murder On Music Row,” a fledgling TV show which, Edwards says, “(is about) crime, drama, deception, foul play, betrayal and even murder.

As there’s no stopping someone or those from getting what they want. The series will take place in Nashville, Tennessee. There will be so much more than just country music artists but all types of musicians portrayed.”.

Give us a brief synopsis of your show business background, and why you decided to make this your career calling?

I have always been interested in acting and theater and music ever since I was a child. I got into acting in high school and performed in shows at all the local schools. It wasn’t until I went to California with my kids that I got back into background audience work. From there I began working on shows in the East coast and Midwest. I worked on television shows and movies as a featured extra and as a regular extra actress.

I have also been writing novels since I was 13 years old and published my first novel in 2007 called “Uncontrolled Desires.” I love writing and creating characters and stories more than anything. I really believe after working on these shows I discovered how great it would be to write for TV.

Let’s talk a bit about your fledgling TV show, “Murder On Music Row.” What is this project all about?

This series will focus on the crime, drama, deception, foul play, betrayal and even murder. As there’s no stopping someone or those from getting what they want. The series will take place in Nashville, Tennessee. There will be so much more than just country music artists but all types of musicians portrayed.

One whom may become in a jealous rage and possibly kill or attempt to kill another over fame. Overall its crime, drama, seduction, revenge, betrayal, music and murder.

How did you first come up with the idea for MOMR?

I wanted this show to be different but also with a kick of similarity of Chicago PD and Nashville, with the music and what Nashville is all about. On the other side, not so much dramatic soap opera, with the show featuring exciting different episodes every week, the story revolving around the department, and so forth.  The name just hit me Murder on Music Row. It will/would be a series of crimes and murders that took place throughout the seasons.

Female TV show runners such as Gale Ann Hurd and Shonda Rhimes are making a huge impact on today’s Hollywood landscape. Where do you see yourself, in relation to these women?

Wow, well I really never thought of it or anything past the point of writing and creating this show. You know, you write stories and create them in hopes they may take off and get picked up or published. I never really put myself in a category such as them. I would hope to maybe one day be recognized as they are in the business.

What are your overall impressions of Nashville, as opposed to the Midwest, where you are originally from?

I fell in love with Nashville the moment I arrived in 2014, when I got picked to work on the (TV show Nashville)  as a featured extra. There’s something about this city, it’s got so much energy and music playing non-stop and always something going on here. I really never felt like I belonged in the Midwest or back home where I’m from. I’m too creative and talented and needed to be in a place where I was able to express myself.

Another project you have in the works is, “Spanky And The Boys,” can you elaborate on it?

I have been working on this comedy sitcom for a few years now, it’s about four musicians living together and wanting to be famous.  I’m still working on this and have the teaser done and not sure when I plan on taking this further.

“Trapped Within” is a book that you’re planning to make into a movie, is that accurate?

Yes. This is actually based a real-life events, it’s my story about how I lost ten years of my life and lived to tell about it.  I was in a very horrifying, abusive marriage that lasted five years, and after seeing a psychiatrist, I was wrongfully mis-diagnosed and placed on about ten different medications. The book is being sold now at online book stores.

While on the subject of movies, yet another project you’re developing is “Uncontrolled Desires.” Is this as steamy as the title sounds?

Actually, not really steamy, however, it is very controversial as it deals with underage relations with girls, sex, drugs, alcohol and mental illness. This is a must-read book which I was told would make a great made-for-TV movie.

Do you think you can successfully grow your career to the level you desire it to be, being based here in Nashville, or have you possibly considered moving to L.A. at some point?

Yes, I believe I can be very successful here in Nashville doing what I do. There are so many successful talented people living here and moving here every day. I wouldn’t mind having to travel out to L.A. if needed, but for now, Nashville is my home.

Where can people go to keep up on all of your current news and breaking announcements (e.g. social media outlets, Twitter, etc.)?  

You can find me at or Mary Louise Edwards my celebrity page and at Murder on Music Row on Facebook and Twitter. My Twitter is Mary Louise McCall.



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