Martina McBride Finds The Support She Needs

When Martina McBride decided to make some changes in her career this past year, part of it had to do with wanting to surround herself with people who support her and believe in her.

She’s quick to point out that it wasn’t her former record label that was the problem, but she says, “For the last few years, the last few albums, I have just been searching for inspiration. I’ve just been, like, ‘Where is it?’ ‘What is happening?’… I had some people around me that were very negative. And I could just feel that the belief in me had kind of gone away and that’s really hard as an artist to deal with, you know? And you feel like you’re the only one fighting the fight sometimes… and I’ve realized that I was struggling with that. Struggling against a lot of negativity for so many years.”

That’s when Martina decided to make a change in management and she says now, “When we have this change and it’s management that’s positive and happy and everybody that I’m surrounding myself with now is so passionate and excited. That just makes you feel, like, renewed, you know? I just feel like I’m starting over in a way.”

That renewed spirit shows in the her latest album, Eleven, and her latest top 15 single, “I‟m Gonna Love You Through It.”



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