Mark Box – Fields Of Home

by Chuck Dauphin

mark-box-fieldsMississippi native Mark Box counts among his influences Merle Haggard, George Strait, and Alan Jackson. You can hear those traditional influences all over his new EP, which should give Country Music fans an introduction to his vocal style. The only drawback to that fact is that after they are introduced to him, they are going to want a lot more than just six songs! Box is good. Make that really good!

You can tell you’re in for a ride down a traditional road with the twangy guitars of “Fields Of Home.” It showcases his style to the max, and also is a fine vehicle for Troy Klontz to utilize his talents on the steel guitar, which he does brilliantly. The radio-friendly “Would It Do Any Good” is also proof of the talent that Box has going for him, as well.

The disc only manages to get better as it goes along. “Trailer Park Trash” is a lightweight ditty – guaranteed to get some feet out on the dance floor, but what is equally impressive about the cut is the fact that the players seem to be in a zone – as it’s heavy on the Bocephus / CDB  “Southern Boogie” sound that was such a highlight of their records.

The ballads on this disc are definitely the cream of this crop. “Finding Me,” with its’ waltz-like melody,brings to mind the sounds of one Waylon Jennings, and “The Man My Momma Tried To Raise” is pure hillbilly poetry about learning from one’s past – and trying to make it better.

As a vocalist and a writer – Box has released an album that seems guaranteed to get him plenty of attention around Music City, USA. There’s no reason it shouldn’t. Box has the potential to be in that select group of artists that he has referenced as influences. He’s definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with!

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