Lynn Taylor – BarFly

by Chuck Dauphin

As a member of the string band Felix Wiley, Lynn Taylor developed a reputation as a vocalist and a performer. He left the band about a decade ago to start a family, but once something gets in your blood, it’s hard to flush it out.

So, about three years ago, he started playing live around Nashville again. The results were so overwhelming that he started work on a new album – which was recorded at Paul Burch’s Pan American studio last year.

Starting off with the blues tinged sounds of “It’s Alright,” Taylor approaches this disc with the zest of a newcomer and hammers it out of the ballpark. He switches gears on the light and easy sound “Stay With Me,” which is a highlight of the album. But, he really begins hitting his stride on “Beefboy Jack & Mississippi John,” which is one of more unique cuts on the album. He sounds like he is having a ball!

That passion also bleeds through on the Redbone-ish “Decatur Street,” as well as the Americana sounding “She Had A Laugh.”

But, keeping with the old show business saying ‘Leave them wanting more,” he does that on the stunning closing cut “My Way Back Home,” which is an incredible cut. Welcome back, Lynn Taylor!

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