Logan Mize – Nobody In Nashville

by Chuck Dauphin

There are a lot of artists out there trying to get their music heard. Sometimes, you hear an artist that might have the songs, but not the vocals. Or, they might sound like the second coming, but the songs are a little but inferior. In Logan Mize’s case, he need not worry. He’s got both very much in his corner. The nephew of legendary California country pioneer Billy Mize, Logan has a sound and a style that is very much all his own.

The album kicks off with “State Of Your Heart,” which benefits from some crisp steel licks from Russ Pahl. Mize’s vocal is very much there, with a contemporary sound that works very well. Other highlights on the disc include the fresh and hip sounding “Nobody In Nashville,” where Mize showcases some of his own guitar work.

Vocally, he shines throughout, but really sparkles on the slower tempo of “Good Life.” Simply put, all Logan Mize needs is to be heard. He’s got the talent, the songs, and the looks to become a major force in this format. If songs like “I Give In” don’t propel him to the top of the class, there simply is no justice!

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