Logan Brill – Walking Wires

by Chuck Dauphin

logan-brill-walkingIn the notes that accompany this album, Knoxville native Logan Brill says she’s not trying to be Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift, but at the same time, she’s not trying to be Bonnie Raitt or Patty Griffin. “I’m just trying to be authentic to myself, and make music that means something to me,” she states.

More often than not, she hits the mark on this brilliant debut album. There’s tinges of roots music, Americana, and a dash of contemporary country sounds all over the disc – and she excels pretty much at all of them with considerable ease.

She starts off with the Chris Stapleton-written “No Such Thing As Ghosts,” which is given a dark and moody production from Oran Thornton and Matthew Miller, but her voice pierces through – making you an instant fan after one or two lines. “Scars,” co-written with Jordan Dean, shows her undeniable depth as a writer, and she simmers and steams on “Seven Year Rain,” until at a full boil – and the results – particularly on the latter are simply outstanding.

Though she’s not Griffin, she does tip the covers hat to her on the effective “Nobody’s Crying,” and shows her wild-eyed soulful side on “Ne’er Do Wells.” About the only places the disc falls a little short is on “Rewind” and “Tricks Of The Trade,” where it sounds like she’s trying just a little too hard to be deep. She achieves that brilliantly, however, on “Write It On Your Heart,” which she co-wrote with Jason Saenz.

The music business might have a difficult time categorizing Logan Brill, but I have a feeling she’s not too concerned with that. With the all-star touch of Frank Liddell guiding her at Carnival Music, she’s in some pretty good hands – with the talent to match!

For information, log on to www.LoganBrill.com



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