LoCash Cowboys – They’re Gonna Fly

by Christian Lamitschka

It was April of 2008, and the LoCash Cowboys were doing what they do best–rocking a packed house. They were at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon, where the two of them–Preston Brust and Chris Lucas–had met a few years earlier. The amped-up crowd was living, screaming proof that they had put the time since then to good use. They had been criss-crossing the country, honing their craft on stages large and small, developing one of the most dynamic live shows in any genre of music. Along the way, they had sold more than 60,000 copies of their homemade CD, earned endorsements from the likes of Budweiser, shared bills with artists including Charlie Daniels and ZZ Top, performed at halftime of NBA and U.S. Olympic team basketball games, and earned television appearances ranging from Tanya Tucker’s reality show “Tuckerville” to “Pageant School: Becoming Miss America,” writing the theme songs for both.

They had also attracted their share of support from those in the industry who recognized just how much of the total package they had–great vocals, world-class dance moves, a unique look and charisma to burn, as well as a wealth of experience and a work ethic that impressed everyone who dealt with them.

On that warm spring night, the final piece of the puzzle would fall into place. Jeffrey Steele, one of Nashville’s biggest names in songwriting (“The Cowboy In Me,” “What Hurts The Most,” “My Town”) and producing (Montgomery Gentry, Keith Anderson) was working his way through the crowd.

“Everybody’s screaming and he can barely get to the stage,” says Preston. “He was almost crowd-surfing his way to the front. He grabbed hold of me in the middle of a song and yelled, ‘I get it! I want to work with you!’ It was a monumental moment.”

Steele, like so many others before and since, had caught the LoCash vision, and he signed on as songwriting partner and producer. After building and gathering strength for years, earning a growing legion of fans inside and outside the industry, the LoCash Cowboys saw their momentum become a perfect storm.

Recently, Christian had the opportunity to talk with the duo about how their careers are rocketing upwards and what’s coming next.

CL: Since the last time we met each other, there was something big going on around you, can you tell us what is happening now?

LC: We got our single [“Keep In Mind”] right now on 35 on Billboard and Keith Urban cut one of our songs that we wrote and is number two on his album “You Gonna Fly”. We’re watching the single going up on the charts.

CL: Here we have a sampler of four songs from them. They are getting ready to release a new album. At the moment the CD Cover is a big secret. Let’s talk about the album and the four songs we have on the sampler. At the moment he is signing the guitar for my friend named Georgia and she has well known in Atlanta. She is doing the biggest Charities you have ever saw around Atlanta and maybe nationwide. That’s an unbelievable autograph. I can read it. That’s good! Let’s talk about the songs. One called “C-O-U-N-T-R-Y”. What a great title.

LC: It’s one of those fun songs that we had a little adult beverages while writing this song with Jeffrey Steele. It’s probably the most fun we ever had writing a song. That one is a crazy one – up beat, makes you dance, and it’s pretty cool. It’s a good one.

CL: There is another song called “Keep In Mind”. Is there something we forget and we have to write it down?

LC: We wanted you to “keep in mind”! Jeffrey Steele is our producer and we went to the studio one night. Shane Miner, and Jeffrey Steele, put this song together.

For more about the LoCash Cowboys, visit their website at: http://locashcowboys.com

Christian Lamitschka



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