Leslie Cours Mather – That Was The Whiskey

by Rick Moore

leslie-cours-mather_that-was-the-whiskeyCountry songs about drinking hard and making a spectacle of oneself are usually performed by male artists. Sure, Gretchen Wilson and Shelly West may have sung about throwin’ a few back, but the guys are the ones who normally sing about getting embarrassingly hammered. Leslie Cours Mather, though, is ringing in 2016 with “That Was The Whiskey,” a tune about alcohol-fueled barroom hijinks that a lot of ladies – and men – will love and identify with.

Written by New York City rocker Nini Camps, “That Was The Whiskey” doesn’t reveal why the singer is spending her evening getting smashed, nor does it need to. The result is all that matters, and Leslie sings like she’s been there. She convincingly flaunts in-your-face lyrics like That was the whiskey in a little red dress/Putting on a show that you won’t forget…with a trucker hat/Jagermeister girl on her back…Well that girl might’ve looked a hell of a lot like me, but that was the whiskey.

Backed by blazing-but-updated Skynyrd-ish guitars, Leslie, as usual, sings rings around her Nashville competition, courtesy of pitch-perfect pipes that have the power and emotion of the greats like Reba and Martina. There’s nothing to rival this on the airwaves right now, so hopefully Country radio will give this one the chance it deserves. You can give it a listen at https://soundcloud.com/leslie-cours-mather/that-was-the-whiskey.

For more, visit www.lesliecoursmather.com



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