Leslie Cours Mather – Hell Hath No Fury

by Rick Moore

leslie-cours-mathers_may2015Leslie Cours Mather is a schooled, classically-trained vocalist. But when she opens her mouth to sing it’s obvious that country music is where her heart is, and she proves it on her new single “Hell Hath No Fury,” a song about the consequences of rejecting a woman. When Mather sings There will be fire that comes from her eyes/her tongue will cut you down like a knife/she’ll make you wish you’d never been born/now that you’ve seen a woman’s scorn, well…let’s just say that you won’t want to get in her way if she’s upset.

It’s a record that’s tailor-made for today’s country radio, enhanced by the fine production but not dependent upon it. This is because, in the end, Mather has the chops to bring the house down a cappella, and the outstanding musicians and production are icing on the cake.

Written by legendary Nashville singer and songwriter Kelly Lang, “Hell Hath No Fury” enjoys a treatment by Mather so believable that it’s almost scary to listen to, but you just want to hear it again anyway. As on her previous single “Countrified,” Mather delivers a performance on “Hell Hath No Fury” that should serve as notice to many of Nashville’s chart-toppers that there’s a real singer in town.

Go to www.lesliecoursmather.com, or hear some acoustic performances on YouTube.



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