Leslie Cours Mather – We Are America

by Rick Moore

leslie-cours-Mather-AmericaAs we celebrate America’s 240th birthday, there are some people out there who don’t understand the meaning of, or the reason for, American patriotism. Leslie Cours Mather wants to make sure everybody knows this is still the greatest country on earth, and she gets the message across in a big way with her new single, “We Are America.”

Mather has proven with past releases that she has the chops to sing just about anything, and she does a super job here, as always, with this self-penned paean to the country she loves so much. Her emotional, high-powered delivery leaves no doubt about how close this song is to her heart. She’s a military brat whose late father was stationed at several locations with the U.S. Army, which might help explain her patriotism and her decision to release this song during some turbulent times.

“We Are America” has a bold arrangement and a powerful celebratory chorus that instantly remind one of Neil Diamond’s work, no surprise since Mather’s producer Denny Diante produced Diamond, among other big names. Mather strategically interpolates the Pledge of Allegiance into the lyrics, and she puts out the call for everyone to band together as Americans, especially with the bridge: There’s no telling what might come tomorrow/But there’s strength in love and unity/We will stand through every joy and sorrow/We will not forget why we are free. We are free! With “We Are America,” Mather has created a new anthem for the 21st Century that will stand the test of time.

This is the right time for this song, period, and it’s delivered by a singer who’s got the goods. Go to www.lesliecoursmather.com to hear “We Are America,” or download it on the usual Internet music outlets.



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