Laura Bell Bundy Makes Music For Her Inner 16 Year Old

laura-bell-bundy_july2013Laura Bell Bundy’s new single, “Two Step,” is an uptempo blend of country and dance beats that she says fulfills her inner 16 year old. “My inner 16-year-old self drove her Jeep Wrangler to school listening to Tu-Pac and Shania and Dixie Chicks and Bone Thugs and Snoop Dog and Faith Hill. So it’s all this juxtaposition between hip hop and country,” she explains. And Laura says, “I think kids in the country, they listen to both. They listen to hip hop; they listen to country… So I am now making music that kind of brings these two worlds together.” Laura says fulfilling her inner 16 year old means making music that allows her to let loose while still hearing a fiddle.



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