Laura Bell Bundy Loves Mixing It Up When It Comes To Fashion

laura-bell-bundy_aug2013Laura Bell Bundy is the host of the YouTube series OMC: Oh My Country. The bi-weekly web original features Laura Bell and some of her friends offering fashion tips, discussing trends and critiquing fashions on the red carpet and beyond, and Laura Bell admits that like most women she knows, she has a pretty healthy interest in fashion and style. “I always really love like vintage stuff,” she says. “Like taking a vintage piece and then a brand new type of jacket—you know, I like to mix.”

More than anything, Laura Bell says what’s important is to wear things that are appropriate for your body type. “I’m a bigger proponent of women wearing things that look good on their bodies than wearing things that are in Vogue. I just think that when a woman feels good about what they’re wearing, and wears a smile on their face, they look the best.” Laura Bell does admit that one of her fashion weaknesses are short shorts, like she wears in the video for her latest single, “Two Step.” Luckily she has the body to be able to pull them off.



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