Laura Bell Bundy Admits She Has Her Vices

laura-bell-bundy_july2013In the opening scene of the video for Laura Bell Bundy’s new single, “Two Step,” she plays a factory worker who is seen working on the line and dipping tobacco, and while she says she doesn’t personally dip, she does have plenty of other vices and bad habits. There are a few she’d rather not reveal, but she says, “The bad habits that I’m open to talking about are I am addicted to Red Bull. I’m addicted to Sugar-Free Red Bull. I wake up every morning and I have a Sugar-Free Red Bull. If I don’t have it I get skittish. I have to have my Red Bull. It’s a problem. I’m also addicted to Lay’s Potato Chips and I have to have chocolate every day.” Laura also admits that being a Kentucky girl she really enjoys bourbon. “So basically, everything I have a weakness on is food or drink,” she laughs.



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