Kirsten Thien – Delicious

by Chuck Dauphin

If you look up the word charisma in the dictionary, I don’t know that you wouldn’t find the name of Kirsten Thien. With long flowing red hair, and drop dead looks, she definitely stands apart from the crowd, throw in her soulful and sassy vocal approach, and she could hold her own with anyone on any stage, anywhere!

Thien shows her attitude right away on Delicious with “Love’s That Made To Share,” and flows effortlessly into the vocal workout “Nobody’s Ever Loved Me Like You Do,” where she strikes both a soulful and seductive tone.

And, the beat goes on. Tommy Mandel’s keyboard playing helps give “Please Drive” the right amount of swagger, along with the guitar of Hubert Sumlin. As far as Thien’s vocal, all I can say is, whew! She gives a sensual performance on the track, and continues the steam on “Taxi Love.” (She must really love automobiles!)

Honestly, this is as close to a perfect album as I have heard or written about in some time. From the sensuous title cut to her vocals on “Ain’t That The Truth” and “A Woman Knows,” Thien is a star. She just needs to be heard! And, someone for those road trips!

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