Kevin Fowler – Chippin’ Away

by Chuck Dauphin

There are times on Kevin Fowler’s new album that his longtime fans might be a little surprised. There are a few moments of emotional balladry on this disc. He’s more than capable (Check out “Best Mistake I Ever Made” from his 2007 disc Bring It On if you need proof!), but performances like “Do That With You Gone” and the tender-hearted “Daddies and Daughters” are definitely not the norm for Fowler. However, it’s those curve balls that the performer of “Pound Sign” rolls our way every now and then that keeps us on our toes.

Those departures aside, Fowler knows what his audience expects of him, and he has delivered every time. There are plenty of irreverent and free wheeling moments on this disc to be had, with the wide open “That Girl” and the attitude-laden “Here’s to Me and You” being highlights here. Throw in “Borderline Crazy” and a live version of “Knocked Up,” and you have the perfect album for those Saturday nights.

Plus, Fowler includes two songs that mention beer, which will make him a favorite in many clubs. There’s the totally irreverent “Hell Yeah, I Like Beer,” as well as the humorous “Beer Money,” which is all about getting your priorities in order (or, as it were, maybe not!). Fowler has been ‘Chippin’ Away’ at getting better known outside of his native Lone Star state for a long time, and I think this album will most definitely further that cause!

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