Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways – Queen Of The Devil’s Rodeo

by Chuck Dauphin

Growing up in Minnesota, Jezebel Jones was influenced by her surroundingsĀ  which included a lot of straight-laced Pentecostal preaching and people watching. And, you know what they say about a good girl gone bad! Maybe that’s the reason why her disc is so fun to listen to. There are quite a few stories here about people who have, well, fallen from grace.

Her art as a storyteller comes across on the very first song, “Music Man,” which has kind of a stage show feel to it that really lends itself well to Jones’s style.

That style is all over the place. She’s humorous (I think!) on “Post-Rapture Blues,” soft-spoken on “Baptism At Sweet William’s Lake,” and downright sensual on “Sirens Of The Mississippi,” which might very well be the best cut on here.

The whole album is hard to classify, which might be why she has become a favorite at Amerciana radio. It’s not for people who like their music straight and arrow, but if you like to cross over the lines every now and then, I have a feeling that Jones could take you on a ride that you won’t soon forget!

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