Jetset Getset – Saturday Night

by Dan Harr

Twenty-three years ago, two sisters and their friend formed what would become a ground-breaking country trio. The Dixie Chicks rose to the top of the country charts with pop cross-over appeal, and made a name for themselves with their edgy songs and phenomenal harmonies. Jetset Getset, made up of Indiana teenagers Sadie Loveland (15), Avery Eliason (14), and Tori Little (15) have the potential to be the next Dixie Chicks if their debut album, Saturday Night, is any example of what they can do.

I do want to clarify that comment up front – I used the word potential. These three girls have some really good harmonies on the CD, but their youth is also quite apparent at times throughout. Vocally, the harmonies are strong. However, individual lead vocals are weaker and will need further development. But again, they are young and have plenty of time to grow into those stronger vocals as their voices mature.

I found two stand-out songs on the CD – tracks five and six. “Gone For Good” is a song with that Dixie Chicks edge to it and the trio does the upbeat, done with him-style song justice. “I Got You” is a tune that showcases the girls’ voices and has a good beat to it. It’s also the song on which the lead vocals are strongest on the album. I think that’s partially due to the backup harmonies throughout without any solo lead.

One thing I would suggest is for them to consider a name change for the group. Jetset Getset is cute, as are the girls, but cuteness changes with age and they’ll want to find something that will last as the group matures. A lot of a group’s initial appeal is in the name and they will need something that stands out, rolls off the tongue easily and works whether they are 15 or 35.

Like I said at the beginning, I believe these three girls have the potential to be country music’s next powerhouse female trio like the Dixie Chicks. I hope they work hard to find really good, edgy songs and develop their vocals for their next project, which I look forward to hearing.

I’m going to say BUY IT if you like the Dixie Chicks’ early work and also want to get on the Jetset train right from the start.

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