Jessica Ridley – Fit To Be Tied

by Chuck Dauphin

Native Canadian Jessica Ridley has wanted to be a singer since she was eleven years old, singing in from of the mirror. Now, several years later, it appears that work has paid off with the release of her debut album.

While the disc does feature some traditional sounds, this is geared toward a younger demo, a la Swift / Underwood, which isn’t a band thing as both artists have found a way to balance commercial sounds with deep emotion.

Some of the material that contains that youthful vibe include the infectious “Hit And Run” and the glistening “Flaming Red,” which could very well find success in many format. She shows loads of personality in “Cinderella Shoes,” and delivers a knockout punch on “Make It Alright,” which could very well be a single.

She also proves herself to be quite adept on the ballads, wrapping her voice around “Home To You” and the closer “Undone” with a lot of warmth. She isn’t afraid to let her Spiritual side show, with a spellbinding performance on “Because I’m Not.

Perhaps she puts it all together best on the driving “Bluer Than Bluegrass,” where she really seems to hit her stride. All in all, not a bad first effort. As the old show business saying goes, you want to leave them wanting more….and Jessica Ridley does just that!

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