Jessica Lynne – Spiritual Cowgirl

by Janet Goodman

Singer Jessica Lynne wound up in Seattle’s music community via the circuitous route of an upbringing in Denmark, a painting vocation in Barcelona, and living in an ashram in India. Hers is not the typical country artist bio, but her songs and her voice are as homegrown, backwoods, slap-me-silly country as is heard on the radio today.

“Spiritual Cowgirl” is her new EP of four self-penned songs. Aptly titled, when this lass sings – with her range, fire and ache – the seas do seem to part a little as she shows us the way.

Right out of the gate with a contemporary, mid-tempo soulful vibe in “Singin’ Country,” Lynne delivers with Miranda Lambert-like spunk along an infectious, rolling bass line. Texas-style traditional “Not My Cowboy” features plenty of fiddle and twang, and the ballad “Fallen Angels Don’t Fly” recounts her personal story of coming to America, set to a lilting melody with pedal steel and acoustic guitar, and the artist starts to peel back the layers to reveal raw feelings.

“Wheels” is Lynne’s got-to-be-a-single track here, where she opens with a kickin’ chorus: “Oh Lord, look at the wheels go/She’s got them spinnin’ around on the dirt road/He’ll be eatin’ her dust before he knows/Oh Lord, look at the wheels go.” She packs a wallop the way she wails and breaks in this swampy, haunting country rocker, so reminiscent of The Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow” in how her vocal hits the listener square in the gut. “The Thunder Rolls” sound effect in the intro is the only misstep on this honey of an EP.

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