Jeff Campbell – Stop And Go

by Chuck Dauphin

Jeff Campbell has spent a lot of time on the east coast. That is where he is originally from. A few years, he moved to the other side of the country, out in San Francisco. While in some people’s eyes, those two musical worlds could not be any more far apart, he shows on this album how cohesive of an influence on his style those sounds have been.

One of Campbell’s biggest strengths is his songwriting. Tracks like “Shut Your Mouth” and the melodic “Somethin’ For Nothin” really show this to a tee. On the latter, he strives for (and nails) a 70s sound that will make you stand up and take notice. That approach comes to the forefront again in the alluring “Leftside,” which I could see being a big hit at AC Radio.

Campbell is not an artist to be honed in on any one particular style, however. “4th Street” is a cut that could work on Americana radio, and “Do I Get A Moment” is a beautiful piece of music, with some gorgeous harmonies from Larissa Waters. Add all that to a cover of Ric Ocasek’s “Drive,” and you’ve got an album that will leave you wanting more. That’s what it did to me!

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