Japam – How’s my EP


What is it about chaos and sonic violence that keeps us coming back for more? Perhaps the cathartic release of ten-tonne riffs and hailstorm drums are sending us down a path of emotional freedom; even some scientific studies agree. Regardless of the why, Japam have the how down pat in their new EP How’s My EP? 


Open up that circle pit, flail those limbs and scream until your throat bleeds because Japam are bringing a fresh set of metal screamers on tour in May!

The boys are set to bring the 4 track EP to a steaming heap of lucky, sweaty fans during their DK Facepunch tour in May. If the visceral assault of How’s My EP? is anything to go by, punters best be donning their best set of kneepads and a helmet while having their guts busted in the pit by the Adelaide 5-piece.

It’s no secret that catharsis and ultimate liberation can be achieved in this Metal induced psychosis and Japam are due to drill their unique melodic power jams into Australia, using some serious elbow grease. The chaotic freedom of ear splitting drums, guitars chugging like freight trains and frontman Ryan Lucivero’s signature bellows are a sure-fire cure to any emotional ailment.

Lucky for you, we’ve landed ourselves a sneaky stream of Japam’s volcanic new EP for you to build on your sing along repertoire for the tour, have a listen and experience the metal in full, glorious force.


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