Jan Vytasek – Lost and Found

by Jenny Delamotte

jan-vytasek_lost-and-foundIt was with some trepidation I opened this for cd review. The artist’ credentials state him as an artist most recognized in Prague in the Czech Republic. But I sat at my task with as open mind as I could muster, and believe it or not I am really glad I picked it.

Mr. Vytasek certainly surprises with his vocals. There is no country twang, yet he is not refined enough on most track to be considered indie. The beginning tracks have a bubble gum pop feel to them, with a voice reminiscent of David Cassidy with talent. (No offense to Mr. Cassidy intended) Vytasek can hold a note, and there is definitely something worth listening to here. Throw a little Hootie in the mix (yes, Hootie), and you may have some slim idea of what you are in for.

It kind of feels like he is striving to be popular on the early tracks, the lyrics are not particularly memorable although they make for pleasant listening. However the longer you listen you come to appreciate that he has a love for music, and it comes out through his voice. Particularly enjoyable is ‘Summer Blues’, his attitude shines, you can hear his appreciation for the greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Most impressive is that he wrote all the tracks, and he plays the acoustic and electric guitars, along with the piano, harmonica, strings and oboe. His arrangements are flawless and very well thought out. In reading his biography it is clear that he is well known and accomplished overseas. His earlier works are covers of mainstream artists from throughout the years. Tjis album makes it clear, though, he is capable of making it his own.

Make sure to listen to the last tracks, the ones he sings in his native tongue. I think these are the ones that give you a true appreciation for what he is, an artist that definitely deserves some attention.

For more about Jan or to buy this CD, visit http://www.janvytasek.com/



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