Jamie Suttle – This is My Story

by Michael Andrew Garcia

jamie-suttle_this-is-my-storyThe American country music scene never ceases to produce top-end music deeply rooted in the country’s roots and the artists always have the challenge presented to them to bring new life to the genre that always sounds the same, but still sounds like home for Americans.

Kentucky-based artist Jamie Suttle doesn’t try to be above it all and step out of her comfort zone as I have observed from her country rock music that certainly brings about the pure origins of the genre. Even in a video featuring her backing band, The Jamie Suttle Band, she states that she’s not looking to dominate the world and take it over with her music; she’s just trying to connect with people through her music, which is a fundamental thing for any musician or artist.

Jamie’s music output is vast with a few EPs and singles to her name so far, but still they are pretty decent songs for any fan of this style of music, namely country, gospel, soul and a touch of R&B.

Tracks that I would recommend newcomers to start off with would be the country rocker “When You Were Mine” and the preaching gospel track “Cash, Jack And Jesus”. Both songs best display her influences growing up, flourishing between these genres from a young age. The attitude-filled blues tune “Burns Like Whiskey” shows a rougher side of Jamie with one of her most soulful vocal performances in front of a driving beat with tastefully restrained heavy guitars.

Her newest single, “Flame” may perhaps be the song from which she draws most influence from modern music. A bluesy, with some alternative rock vibe that I feel, track whose video features her husband Chris Suttle filling in with the guitar.

Her songwriting tends to sound simple and down-to-earth which always fits in with the story-telling genre of country music and blues. Jamie manages to stay honest to her experiences and feelings despite the declared awkwardness between her husband and her when writing about the topics of love, marriage and relationships, and she doesn’t let that get in the way, which is to be respected. A songwriter’s best source of lyrics can always be found from the heart, pure and honest feeling always tell the best stories in the most effective way, and Jamie Suttle does a decent enough job of delivering these things to stay relevant in her respective music industry.

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