Jake Clayton – What Not to Do

by Rick Moore

jake-clayton_what-not-to-doFrom its gut-grabbing opening guitar line to its final word, Jake Clayton’s new single, “What Not to Do,” is a powerful and honest song in the mold of how they used to make ‘em. Co-written by Clayton, the song is a thank-you to those people who screw up their lives and, by example, show the rest of us “What Not to Do.” His on-the-money tenor is definitely from deep country roots, and his delivery is filled with an energy that the genre hasn’t seen in a while. Fueled even more by his fiddle playing (he’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist), Clayton is in a league of his own when matched against most of the current young country artists.

Some call him “alt-country” in terms of today’s market, but whatever you want to call him, Clayton is on his way to the top with this tune. Ignoring this song would be something I would put on a list of “What Not to Do.”

To hear what one of tomorrow’s country stars sounds like, go to www.jakeclayton.com.



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