Interview with Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron has just released his glorious debut, Jumping The Shark, via his personal internet website. In celebration of this, Happy sat down with Alex to discuss his debut solo album, lament the loss of the Hopetoun Hotel and review what happens to you when you watch Cheaper By the Dozen on repeat. Your debut album is dropping very soon – how long has this album been in the works? I’ve been working on this one a while, I’ve been writing songs for it since about this...

Guitar Talk with A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel, Part 2

Last week, we ran Part 1 of our interview with A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel. This week, we continue with Part 2, offering a look at Howerdel’s affinity for Les Pauls and how he acquired his prized 1960 reissue. Did you use any Gibsons for recording “By and Down?” Always! (Laughs) It’s all I really play. My main guitar is a 1960 reissue that is actually a happy accident. I was a guitar tech for Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails on their Downward Spiral Tour in 1994 or 1995. I went ...

A Conversation With Della Mae - Part 2

Rising Americana / Bluegrass group Della Mae took time during their stop in Atlanta to talk with Cristina deVallescar about their new album This World Oft Can Be, as well as touring life, travel to other countries, working together as an all-girl band and more. Comprised of Celia Woodsmith on Vocals and rhythm guitar, Kimber Ludiker on fiddle, Jenni Lyn Gardner playing mandolin, guitarist Courtney Hartman and Shelby Means on vocals, Della Mae is making a name for themselves ...

A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel Talks ‘By and Down,’ Part 1

A Perfect Circle brings together Maynard James Keenan’s yearning voice and Billy Howerdel’s imaginative guitars, and the result is a masterpiece of moody art-rock. Howerdel’s guitar work is a focal point of A Perfect Circle. His sensitivity to sound makes for ambient and textured songs, brimming with beauty and theatrical sonics. Although A Perfect Circle haven’t released a full studio album since 2004, the band has stayed active on the touring circuit. The guys released their first studio ...

Balsam Range’s Buddy Melton on his Road to Recovery

Last Thanksgiving, Buddy Melton was simply grateful to be alive. This year, he’s eager to share new insights after triumphantly returning from life-threatening injuries sustained in an accident on his farm. “I was doing something I shouldn’t do,” Melton recalls about that day in March of 2012. “I was working with those cows and no one knew it. Lots of folks with small farms or businesses make the same decision. You do a lot of stuff by yourself and you forget how dangerous it is...

Interview with Machine Translations

Few Australian artists have had as unique and prolific a career as our very own Greg Walker. Nor is there any one with this much industry respect and admiration harder to find info about! A very outdated web page and a Facebook profile that was only just launched don’t help. But… these are all endearing facts that reflect a delicate and somewhat introverted artist who’s far less interested in the hype and wants to focus on the facts. So I’ll mention some of what I know but rest assured ...
Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay

New Artist Spotlight: Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay

Before the World Was Made is a delicious mix: raw, retro Country plus sweet irony. That’s apparently the specialty of Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay, the Austin-based duo whose debut, on their B&N imprint, is hilarious, sentimental and profound, usually all at the same time. Produced by Gurf Murlix, with only one of its 12 tracks penned by an outside writer, this album draws from Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, the Louvin Brothers and, perhaps unconsciously, Nichols and May. Backed by...

Joanne Cash Talks About Johnny and More

A one of a kind Joanne Cash Exclusive Interview was made available to Music News Nashvuille by Music Charts Magazine. This intimate interview will give you an in-depth view into the life of Joanne Cash-Yates as well as a spiritual inside look into the legendary Cash Family including the last moments of Johnny Cash's life. CEO Jason Rogers comments, This interview with Joanne Cash is the best audio interview Music Charts Magazine has ever done and quite possibly ...

New Artist Spotlight: Chelsea Bain

NASCAR fans like their Country Music tough, sleek and hot, just like their cars. That explains why Chelsea Bain has been rocking racetracks around the country. In May and June alone, her concert schedule included the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Michigan International Speedway, not to mention an interview segment with Kyle Petty on the FOX Sports “Trackside” program. Raised on an Arizona ranch, Bain personally prefers getting around on horses...

Guitar Talk with 311 Frontman Nick Hexum

Nick Hexum is best known for fronting alternative rockers 311, but now, he’s branching out on his own. Hexum just released his debut solo album, My Shadow Pages, and the album shows him taking a new, fresh direction, with songs that blend pop, jazz, funk and classic rock. When laying down guitar lines for My Shadow Pages, Hexum took to his black ES-355. We chatted with Hexum about the new album, going solo and why Gibson guitars are “the whole package.”

New Artist Spotlight - Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr celebrates girls and trucks. Just what Country Music needs, right? In Farr’s case, absolutely. He follows a familiar path through much of Redneck Crazy, his Columbia Nashville debut. But every now and then he slams on the brakes and veers in an unexpected direction. Farr’s drawl draws from somewhere south of his hometown, Garden City, Mo. He rasps too, whether it’s from loving the outdoorsman’s lifestyle or working four nights each week at Tootsies Orchid Lounge.

Kingdom Come - The Bryan & Katie Torwalt Story

When Jesus prayed his now famous prayer, not only was he the conduit for God’s kingdom on earth in that moment, but he kicked wide the door of heaven to invade our space from that moment on. His Kingdom. Right now. Such a world-shaking concept. On October 15th, Bryan and Katie Torwalt released their much-anticipated sophomore album, Kingdom Come, a collection of modern worship anthems steeped in full surrender to the wondrous will of God today... and forever.

Todd Carey Breaks Away From His Music Mold

Many singer / songwriters have a challenge of breaking into the music industry. Once they get into a label and start recording, they fall into a style that has been manufactured, and a style that is repetitive. Then the musician’s music style is then distributed into many coffee shops where they play songs that sound very similar. However, for Chicago native Todd Carey, who now currently resides in New York City, had always been aware of his style of music. He decided to break away...

The Gibson Interview: Jars of Clay’s Matthew Odmark

Jars of Clay are anything but newbies. Over the years, the Nashville-based Christian alternative rock band has scored three Grammy Awards and sold 5.2 million albums and 1.4 million singles.Head to a Jars of Clay show, and you’ll spot guitarist Matthew Odmark playing a variety of Gibson models on the stage. “Each of my Gibsons does a very unique and specific thing,” he told “It feels like a real instrument. They are rough around the edges in just the right way to make you...

Sammy Hagar: The Gibson Interview

Sammy Hagar has always captured everything that's fun about rock n' roll: the loud guitars and fast cars, the women, the fun in the sun… but more importantly, he's never forgotten that music is best when it's shared. The late-night jams at his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mexico are legendary - heck, they directly led to the formation of his band Chickenfoot with Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith - and it's stuff like this that helps us relate to Sammy even when he's playing arenas or ...
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