Bill Kelliher Talks About Mastodon's New Album and His 'Golden Axe'

Mastodon brew up an aggressive mix of sounds with dense guitars, complex rhythms and the dark tones of progressive metal and sludge. The Atlanta-based quartet’s sixth studio album, “Once More ‘Round the Sun,” is out June 24 and offers trailblazing, guitar-heavy songs that don’t let up, all while centering around the vocals more than ever. Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher took the time to speak with about...

Interview with Alex Hope

Jake Stone had a chat to one of Australia’s most successful young people in music – Alex Hope, who is writing some million dollar songs. Alex Hope is a twenty year old songwriter whose ambition in music is a great deal more interesting than most. Unlike many musicians and artists her age Alex is quiet and circumspect, uninspired to pursue fame as a front person. Instead, she idolises successful pop songwriters – the brains and production talent behind the...

Bertie Blackman interviews Japanese Wallpaper

Bertie Blackman is an independent singer, songwriter and guitarist who we fell in love with following her prolific performances around Sydney during the 2000s. Japanese Wallpaper is the moniker of Gab Strum, a seventeen year old producer and musician from Melbourne town. He plays 9 instruments, has been praised by Chet Faker and Gotye and he’s still in high school. We put ‘em together to have a chat. Have a geeze

Interview With Straight Arrows

You might have heard Straight Arrows are dropping a new LP – Rising on June 13th. Wait, what? You didn’t hear? Good thing we had a chat to Owen about his latest release for you then. When did you start making music as Straight Arrows? Maybe five or six years ago. Back then it was kind of a way to avoid boredom and the depression of real life. And unemployment. And getting kicked out of every band I’d ever been in. Oh, and getting dumped.

The Producer’s Chair: Julian King

Long known as a Grammy Award winning studio engineer, Julian King has quietly made a name for himself as a record producer as well. In one capacity or another, he has been involved with records that have sold more than 100 million units. Yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION! King has worked with a who’s-who of Nashville superstars, including such huge hit makers as Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Tracy Lawrence, Clint Black, Martina McBride, Vince Gill...

Demi Lovato Guitarist Mike Manning on Music, Social Media and Les Pauls

Mike Manning is the guitarist for one of the biggest stars of the moment, Demi Lovato, but that doesn’t mean he has stopped mastering the guitar. “You never stop learning,” Manning told “Even the best are still learning. Or should I say, the best keeplearning. I always know when I get stagnant in my playing because I got lazy in practicing or learning new things.” He added, “I try to pick up things from everyone I play with and as long as it's an...

Telegraph Combines Classic Rock With Modern Pop

Nashville based band Telegraph is a unique band among the emerging pop rock groups. Bands like Neon Trees and The 1975 copy a similar genre sound that most older audiences are familiar with: 80’s New Wave and 80’s rock. New, and emerging bands are drawing inspirations from the genres, but most of these bands sound like it was directly from the era and they all sound the same. For Telegraph it was different; they have...

The Art of Co-Writing

Jason Reeves is an ASCAP award-winning singer / songwriter who, aside from successfully building a career as a DIY artist has also proven that collaboration can be incredibly powerful for artists that want to find new ways to reach fans and get their music heard. Reeves has co-written many songs, including the Billboard chart-topping “Bubbly” and “I Never Told You,” with the Grammy-award-winning Colbie Caillat. He also wrote “The Show” with...

Slash and Myles Kennedy Talk About Touring and More

LASH and his bandmates Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators will release their new album WORLD ON FIRE on September 16 via SLASH’s own label Dik Hayd International distributed through Caroline. The group revealed the cover artwork for WORLD ON FIRE designed by American contemporary artist Ron English today. Featuring the blazing title track as the first single—arriving at radio Friday, June 13th—the disc marks SLASH’s third ...

Josh Pyke Interviews Courtney Barnett

Hit singer-songwriter and Happy fav since before she was on Fallon, Courtney Barnett has a quick chat to Josh Pyke about the hard hitting, relevant topics in modern music: Indie labels, streaming services and which hand you use to hold a fork when you’re eating pudding. Josh Pyke: I had one of those “pull the car over and listen to the full song and then look you up on the internets” moments when I first heard Avant Gardener… It’s a real corker! Are you into Pavement at all...

Interview with Drunk Mums

Drunk Mums are the Melbourne-via-Cairns five-piece making a racket all over town. Masters of the live show, bearers of possibly one of the best band names ever, with haircuts that make all the cool girls swoon. We had a chat with them about feeding crocs in Cairns, putting titties on their album cover and calling ‘Straya home. You guys moved from Cairns to Melbourne, how do you find the difference between the two cities? Last time...

Interview with the Delta Riggs

Melbourne rockers The Delta Riggs are currently tramping around the cobbled streets, the snow capped mountains and the lush green fields of Continental Europe. Before they jumped on that dreaded 14 hour flight, they found a chance to answer a few quick questions for us about Supersonic Casualties, Hollywood Hills parties and not being a Rock and Roll band who definitely don’t play it pretty straight. Supersonic Casualties has been out for a good month now...

Jacob Stone interviews Spookyland

Jake Stone is as prolific as it gets in this here city of Sydney, and it’s miracle we haven’t lost him to Brooklyn (yet). With core projects like Bluejuice and side projects like Embankments, not to mention his writing, production and radio/TV work, he took a moment out of his time at Groovin the Moo to listen to Spookyland’s track The Silly Fucking Thing and ask what Marcus described as “finally some hearty questions” There’s a real sense of menace to your work, a sort...

Interview with Architecture in Helsinki

Architecture in Helsinki are currently on tour with the all-star travelling circus that is Groovin The Moo, performing songs from their latest work Now + 4eva. We had a chat to them about learning new things, The Go-Betweens and Tasmanian Cheesmaking. You guys have a number of shows lined up in Australia and also hitting up Groovin The Moo with your new album. What kind of response are you seeing from crowds from your new tunes?

Interview with London

Happy previously covered Melbourne based producer London and his track Rhoes. Although it is hard to sum up his sound, there’s a dominant soulful hip hop element tied in with kaleidoscopic electronica. London has masterfully mixed a range of genres to provide us with musical gold. So we got him to shed some light on his mysterious alias. So London, the internet is a bottomless pit of information, yet you’re still a bit of an enigma...
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