ellee ven: Getting’ Her ‘Groovetonics’ Music Out To The World

ellee ven is (small e, small v) is a firm believer in diversity; the multiple platforms and interests that encompass her busy career certainly speak to that fact. ellee (born Jessica Kunin) is a record label impresario (owner of Hot Sauce Records); award-winning recording artist; and passionate philanthropist (via her music/fashion/art yearly extravaganza “Give Into The Groove” (this past...

Snakes in the Roof and Dogs in the Park with Le Pie and Rocket

After what has been a massive 2015 with the release of her debut EP and a knockout show at BIGSOUND, Le Pie is ready to take on Newtown Festival. Enjoying a sunny Friday arvo, she chats festivities, children’s choirs, sexism and snakes living in her roof. Have you always been a dog person? Yeah I have. I had my last dog for 13 years, so it was pretty sad when he passed away.

Chatting BBQ Politics and Netball Injuries with Philadelphia Grand Jury

After a few years on the DL beloved three-piece Philadelphia Grand Jury are back on the scene with their cool new album Summer of Doom. Ahead of their national tour, Berkfinger, MC Bad Genius and Dan W Sweat braved the dismal Sydney weather to pit their wits against each other in a very serious game. Hey guys, thanks for coming out to hang this...

Tenderfoot on Banjos, Nature, and Finding the Right Path

After a few detours from the road, John Vella reveals the trials he went through to arrive at Tenderfoot’s debut. But first, we chat banjos. So to start things off lets answer the most the most important question, is the banjo under or overrated? Well, yes. Yes to both. I think it’s a great sound, and I particularly like hearing it out of it’s traditional context. It’s made it’s way ...

Interview with Jane Lee Hooker

New York based Jane Lee Hooker released a debut album of blues covers and was then dubbed a blues band. It turns out that the album, No B! is really a cover story. ”At the end of the day, we’re really a rock band,” said guitarist Tracy “Hightop” Almazan. The all-female quintet is stacked with the face melting firepower of the dual lead guitars of High Top and Tina “TBone” Gorin. They are very keen on nicknames.

Failing at DDR and Kicking Ass in the House Scene with Young Franco

Following the release of his latest banger Don’t You Want Me, Young Franco aka Joey Da Rin chilled out at City Amusements to chat Dance Dance Revolution, Tekken, and finding his way as a musician. Hey man, thanks for coming to hang out! Do you ever come to these kinds of places often? JOEY: Ah man, I haven’t come to one these things in ages! Okay, are you ready for...

Drumming without a drummer, getting into the beat of Bad Pony’s Limbo EP

Following the release of their debut EP Limbo, Sydney indie rock band Bad Pony have been busy touring the country showing off what has taken years of hard work and dedication. Taking some time out of their busy schedule, guitarist / kick drummer Sam Thomlinson chats the band’s journey and how they split drumming duties between members.

Chatting Humanity, Philosophy and Creepy Guys with Montaigne

At Alberts Studios we get a glimpse into Montaigne’s creative process. After laying down a few demos, Jess Cerro takes some time to discuss the big issues; avocado, The Matrix and empathy. I ran here once from Surry Hills. It was insane. You ran here form Surry Hills? Holy crap! Yeah it’s an hour and twenty minutes, maybe.

Koi Child On Getting the Magical Dragon Kevin Parker to Grant Their Wish

Following a whirlwind BIGSOUND appearance and their first headline national tour, Perth jazz-hop outfit Koi Child are fast becoming the name on everybody’s lips. As they chill out in sunny Bondi the boys chat their journey to becoming one of the biggest buzz bands in Australia and how their relationship with Kevin Parker is a lot like Dragon Ball Z.

Introducing The Rye Brothers - An Original Power-Pop Country Band

The Rye Brothers are a “power-pop” country act, mixing contemporary country music and rock n’ roll guitar-driven songs. The group is led by Paul Justin & Justin Foutz, who trade off on the lead vocals and guitar licks. Paul and Justin formed Rye Brothers in the Summer of 2015 and quickly added a solid rhythm section consisting of Jacob Delott (bass, backing vocals) and...

Getting Egged, Staying Sober and The Land of Pleasure with Sticky Fingers

Aussie favourites Sticky Fingers are back from their month long US tour and will be playing one of their first home soil shows at THIS THAT festival. Paddy Cornwall from the band spoke to us about being stuck in a bus with his band for a month and album number three. Hey Paddy! Hey, how are you? Good! How’s your day been?

The Young Crooner, the Blues and the Story of Nick Murray

Guitar slingin’ his way through Sydney, troubadour Nick Murray is a 21st century crooner with the ways of an early 20th century bluesman. Influenced by the likes of everyone from Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell to Bob Dylan and Derek Trucks – he creates a melting pot of delta blues and folk with a certain finesse in writing lyrics that touch base on political, personal and universal issues.

Introducing Denny Strickland

Country singer Denny Strickland has spent years tirelessly honing his craft and travelling the country in his quest for music business success, a success that seems to be just over the horizon. Along the way he’s seen enough triumph and tragedy for a dozen Country songs. A champion horseman in his teenage years, Strickland was discovered...

Born Lion Explain Why Rap is the New Punk and Having a Bromance with The Stiffys

Born Lion have just released their debut album Final Words, and are currently in the process of tearing up venues around the country in support of it. On a lazy Friday arvo Nathan Mulholland shares a beer and chats about the last thing you’d expect a punk bass player to: rap music. So how’d you get into rap? I sort of found my way into it through...

Introducing Jake Clayton

The Country music field is filled with a lot of talent these days, but very few artists can begin to claim to be as original and genuine as Jake Clayton. Clayton is a singer who gives his audiences a show unlike anything they’ve seen, not just because of his awesome vocal abilities, quality material and showmanship, but because he plays over 20 instruments on a...
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