Ray Brooks - Elder Statesman of the Blues Still Going Strong

The Southern California High Desert city of Victorville is home to one of the Blues genre's most notable names, songwriter-producer-guitarist-vocalist Ray Brooks, a former Grammy nominee who's still performing on a regular basis some six decades after he first started playing music in his home state of Texas. Brooks - recently interviewed by Living Blues magazine...

Chronicling Larry “Fuzzy” Knight’s Long, Colorful Music Trip

"Blowin' Smoke conveys a welcome reminder to all people with a beating heart that putting a smokin’ 4-horn section alongside a burnin’ rhythm section, then layering three charismatic and powerful vocalists, The Fabulous Smokettes, on top of that - all live, intense, soulful, sassy, and powerful – this is music at its most enriching moment. Bandleader Larry "Fuzzy" Knight and...

Dirty Deuce: Rock-Tinged Alt Country From The Frozen Tundra

Dirty Deuce is a Sturgeon Bay, WI-based band consisting of 'Reverend' Rob Atwood on guitars and vocals; Zach Vogel on bass; and Jamey 'J-Dirt' Clark on drums. The Dirty Deuce sound is best described as rock-tinged alt-country with a strong melodic base, as heard on such tracks as "100 Years" and "Body Is A Temple". You might also hear such varied influences ranging from 70's Brit...

Crooked Eye Tommy: Going Straight to The Top of The West Coast Blues Scene

When Tommy Marsh and Crooked Eye Tommy released Butterflies & Snakes in August of 2015, little did the Ventura County-based blues musician realize how well the band's debut album would be received. To date, B&S has been the recipient of dozens of stellar reviews, while charting high on numerous international and domestic radio charts. In January, Butterflies & Snakes represents...

E^ST’s Dream Collaborator? Jeff Buckley Of Course

E^ST (aka Melissa Bester), is the NSW Central Coast 17-year old who continues to captivate us with a signature sound proudly burdened by sweeping stories of defeat and encouragement – it’s authentic and anthemic, proving to us that age has no limits in creating something timeless. We caught up with E^ST to find out more about the processes behind her music, the relationship...

Blues Musician PEACH Finding Her Musical Nirvana in Denmark

peach_dec2015Blues artist PEACH at the forefront of female-fronted blues acts performing both modern and old-time blues, whose (U.S.-based) PEACH Blues Band has included top talent like keyboardist Ken Stange (Joe Cocker); guitarist Jamie James (Jamie James & The Kingbees, Steppenwolf); bassist Jervonny Collier (Bruce Hornsby, Pointer Sisters); and legendary drummer James Gadsen...

Interview with Debbie Bond

Back home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, following a roller-coaster, roaring, successful tour of the UK and France, Debbie Bond remains elated by the whole experience and confirms she is already booking both repeat and new dates and festival gigs for her next tour in 2016. 'Our summer tour of mostly England and Wales, was simply...

Owen Rabbit’s Guide to Hitchhiking and Anxiety

Landing in the sweltering Sydney evening, Owen Rabbit was recently traversing around the country following the release of his second single of the year Denny’s. Between a hasty soundcheck at Goodgod and a frosty pale ale, Owen opens up about depression and anxiety, his son and hitching a lift with a car thief. So you were just saying you used to hitch hike a lot, where...

Let's Have A Show of Hands

The weather forecast of rain has proved to be wrong allowing those attending Aylesbury Waterside Theatre to watch Show of Hands a dry passage to their seats. I’m at the stage door reception area waiting to go through to start my interview with Stephen Knightley. Along with Phil Beer and Miranda Sykes they are just about finishing their sound checks.

Eagles of Death Metal Open Up About Paris Attacks in Vice Interview

American rock band Eagles of Death Metal have opened up about the tragic events that transpired last week when gunmen opened fire at their concert at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris. Speaking to Vice founder Shane Smith, band members Jesse Hughes, Matt McJunkins, Eden Galindo, Julian Dorio and sound engineer Shawn London spoke for the first time...

ellee ven: Getting’ Her ‘Groovetonics’ Music Out To The World

ellee ven is (small e, small v) is a firm believer in diversity; the multiple platforms and interests that encompass her busy career certainly speak to that fact. ellee (born Jessica Kunin) is a record label impresario (owner of Hot Sauce Records); award-winning recording artist; and passionate philanthropist (via her music/fashion/art yearly extravaganza “Give Into The Groove” (this past...

Snakes in the Roof and Dogs in the Park with Le Pie and Rocket

After what has been a massive 2015 with the release of her debut EP and a knockout show at BIGSOUND, Le Pie is ready to take on Newtown Festival. Enjoying a sunny Friday arvo, she chats festivities, children’s choirs, sexism and snakes living in her roof. Have you always been a dog person? Yeah I have. I had my last dog for 13 years, so it was pretty sad when he passed away.

Chatting BBQ Politics and Netball Injuries with Philadelphia Grand Jury

After a few years on the DL beloved three-piece Philadelphia Grand Jury are back on the scene with their cool new album Summer of Doom. Ahead of their national tour, Berkfinger, MC Bad Genius and Dan W Sweat braved the dismal Sydney weather to pit their wits against each other in a very serious game. Hey guys, thanks for coming out to hang this...

Tenderfoot on Banjos, Nature, and Finding the Right Path

After a few detours from the road, John Vella reveals the trials he went through to arrive at Tenderfoot’s debut. But first, we chat banjos. So to start things off lets answer the most the most important question, is the banjo under or overrated? Well, yes. Yes to both. I think it’s a great sound, and I particularly like hearing it out of it’s traditional context. It’s made it’s way ...

Interview with Jane Lee Hooker

New York based Jane Lee Hooker released a debut album of blues covers and was then dubbed a blues band. It turns out that the album, No B! is really a cover story. ”At the end of the day, we’re really a rock band,” said guitarist Tracy “Hightop” Almazan. The all-female quintet is stacked with the face melting firepower of the dual lead guitars of High Top and Tina “TBone” Gorin. They are very keen on nicknames.
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