Richard Cartwright from Richard In Your Mind Chats Ponderosa on Vinyl, Jerky and Indian Influences

Bespectacled and bearded, Richard Cartwright is found upstairs at Newtown Social preparing for his band’s vinyl launch show. His wiry yet charming presence is infectious as he chats Ponderosa on vinyl, the departure of their stick man and finding influences in India. Hey Richard, thanks for taking the time to chat. Do you want a beer? That’s okay man, but I don’t think...

Ferris Wheels, Unicorns and Glitter with GRRL PAL

Perth duo Danny K and Jay LeKat are an unstoppable fun time machine. Exploring Darling Harbour we chatted ferris wheels, unicorns and glitter with GRRL PAL. Okay the ferris wheel is moving! JAY: Oh no! We’re spinning! And we just had breakfast! Oh fuck we’re really high up, I don’t like it up here! DANNY: Are we safe? I don’t know. There’s a really...

Diana Upton Hill - A 12-Pack of Questions

With musical roots that began at the age of three, Diana was reared among rehearsals for her father's country-rock band. Her journey began in elementary school when she picked up the flute and would later engage piano lessons and choir. After years of traversing through a variety of options, she settled in her shoes as a vocalist and honed her performance...

Catlips Talks the Power of An Artist’s Image

Katie Campbell may seem like a regular gal by day, but at night (and most days really) she dons the colourful identity of Catlips. The only thing trippier than her vibrant outfits is the futuristic electronica she creates. On a sunny morning in the Chinese Garden of Friendship Katie chatted about building her image, fashion and exploring her art through other mediums.

Mitch Goudy - A 12-Pack of Questions

Chart-topping new artist Mitch Goudy’s newest single, My Girl’s Hand, is lighting up the phone lines at country radio and currently climbing the MusicRow Charts. When released, this single became the #3 most downloaded track alongside Carrie Underwood, Montgomery Gentry and Jeff Bates. This heartfelt country mid-tempo ballad is off his latest...

Peter Bibby Talks Booze, Mates and What It’s Like Playing Music Under His Own Name

Fresh off a flight from Melbourne, adorned in a leather akubra and a brown sheepskin-lined coat, Peter Bibby emanates old school Australian charm like no other*. Sitting in a cafe next to the ABC in Ultimo, Bibby spoke about booze, mates and playing music under his own name. You’ve had a pretty crazy start to the year, how were Laneway...

Hannah Bethel - A 12-Pack of Questions

As one of Country Music Association’s ‘Who New To Watch’ artists, this vibrant country artist’s latest release, You Wanna Be My Man, which is off her album Never Ending Sky, is getting an overwhelming amount of response from radio and media. Hailing from Northern Michigan, Bethel’s previous critically-acclaimed singles has lead her to spend the last year touring the...

Interview with Bill Wyman - Back to Basics

Speaking with the Stones' former bassist, Bill Wyman, starts off on a musical note but before long you're being swept along both by and with Bill and his other primary passions, photography and history/archaeology. All in all it's an interesting ride, a surprising adventure where one minute he's quipping about musicians and the next about...

Introducing Josh Goodlett

There’s sort of an unwritten code that says a real Country singer should believe in certain things. Like family, God, love, America, friendship, those sorts of things. And, of course, Country music. So if you go by the code, Josh Goodlett is everything a Country singer is supposed to be. Oh, and he can really sing, too. From the Louisville, Kentucky area...

Jonathan Jackson - A Man of Many Talents

He's an actor, a musician, a songwriter and family man. Jonathan Jackson is a man of many talents, all of which he's blessed to use at the same time in this period of his life. Whether it's portraying Avery Barkley on ABC's Nashville or performing with his band, eNation, Jackson manages to balance his working time and still enjoy a private life with his wife, Elisa...

Alpine Discuss Yuck, Managing Their Image and Awkward Dates

In the dim lighting of Shady Pines and with a refreshing cocktail in hand, Phoebe Barker and Lou James from Alpine discuss Yuck and the evolution of their sound, challenging pop, figuring out their identity, and awkward first dates. I was reading about Yuck and that it was about navigating these first world problems, and one of those was awkward dates.

The Delta Riggs Chat Meeting Rock Legends, Tiki Bars and Bizarre Backstage Encounters

With the soothing sounds of Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds playing in the background and a cool pale ale in hand, Michael ‘Monte’ Tramonte and Elliott Hammond from The Delta Riggs chat befriending the Foo Fighters and Jimmy Page, their on-stage tiki bar and reflect on being a band for five years. MONTE: This album saved me from mushrooms once.

JOY Talks High School Bands, Going Viral and a New Musical Direction

Olivia McCarthy has been playing music for a while, but it’s under the guise of JOY that she has earned a monumental amount of praise and fandom. Her quick rise to success is one she takes in her stride, as she happily chats playing in high school bands, embracing social media and being a full time musician.

Dave Le’aupepe Talks Life, Literature and Gang of Youths

It seems these days you can’t go an hour without hearing about Gang of Youths, with the Sydney four piece ready to release their debut album The Positions. Over a middy of stout, frontman Dave Le’aupepe talks heroism and justice in the real world, the genius of Margret Atwood, depression and carving out a music career with his three best...

Building An Audience on Soundcloud

Budi Voogt is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Heroic. He is also the author of The SoundCloud Bible, a comprehensive guide for artists about effectively using the SoundCloud audio distribution platform. At just 19, he co-founded the music management agency Heroes Management, which was later consolidated into Heroic Recordings, a record...
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