Interview with Bluejuice

Ahead of the band’s final tour ever*, we had a chat with founding member of Bluejuice Jake Stone about the history of Bluejuice, the future of Bluejuice’s members and the songs of Bluejuice. A must read for Bluejuice fans. You’ve got the big ‘Retrospectable Tour’ kicking off pretty soon, how are you feeling about it? Well the feelings are...

Interview with Joanne Shaw Taylor

With an artform as matured and rich as the blues, we all need a new blues guitar hero. Scrub that: make it blues heroine. The U.K's Joanne Shaw Taylor deserves your attention, whatever your gender, as she blends gritty vocals, sublime guitar skills and ever-growing songwriting savvy. The Dirty Truth (out September 22, 2014) is Joanne Shaw...

Interview with Davey Lane

Davey Lane, famous for his involvement in You Am I, has been running the solo circuit for some time now. He recently released the first peek of his upcoming album Atonally Young back in August and has kindly shared this latest track The Undergrowth. Here’s a chat we had with Davey about the new record...

Tommy Roe’s Legacy in Music

Tommy Roe was recently in Nashville to receive a Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) certification for two million spins for his hit single “Dizzy”. While there, I had a chance to sit down with the music legend and chat about his career. Not many people realize who Tommy Roe is by name, unless songs like, “Shelia”, “Dizzy”, and “Sweet Pea” are among ...

Guitar Talk with Finch’s Alex Linares

Finch guitarist Alex Linares has some basic but wise advice for upcoming guitarists: Be obsessed. “I think you have to be obsessed with your instrument,” Linares told “You have to be completely, 100% dedicated.” “I grew up in a time when computers just saw outside in the corner and were there to do school reports. I entertained myself 14...

Interview with French Guitar Virtuoso Stephan Forte

Every generation needs its guitar heroes. Whenever the topic of shredders comes up the list usually includes (and sometimes exclusively) Malmsteen, Vai and Satriani. While all are still going strong, their heyday was 30 years ago. Who are today’s fans to worship? Enter 36 year-old French virtuoso Stephan Forte. His rise to prominence is taking...

Interview with Essick

Brisbane band Essick have come some way from the bedroom they first starting recording music together in. They’ve been hard at work recording their debut album Atrium Atrium. A little over a year and one broken foot later they’re ready to unleash it on the world with the debut of their first single Ghost Towns. When did you write your first song? As Essick, Ravi and I wrote...

Dean Madonia Unleashes His Inner Monster

You get the feeling that Dean Madonia is going to achieve his goal of creating a rock opera for Halloween that will rival Christmas' TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. He's being methodical and working within his means; this year he's performing two concerts of his rock opera SHADOW TO SHADOW: DEAN MADONIA'S FRANKENSTEIN...

Interview with Brave

Stirring the soup of soul, electronica and hip hop with his intriguing voice, Sydney’s Brave had a chat to Tomatrax about his upcoming EP amongst other, rather laconic musings. How did your music career start? All I can remember is making music, there’s nothing before that. What inspired you to become a Musician? I wanted to be the piano man Bernie Taupin refers to in Elton John’s Tiny...

Interview with Xander Smith

Tomatrax caught up with the folk-indie legend that is Xander Smith, who’s just recorded an album with some of the dudes from New Order! Outside is available now. You’ve just released your second album, Outside, how do you think it compares to your debut album? I love both records. Im really proud to share these with the world. Personally, I think the two albums, together, are a set. I’m very...
Our incredible illustration is by Felicity Gardner. She creates picture books for young people and for those who are young at heart.

Interview with Willow Beats

David caught up with the dreamy beat makers Willow Beats before their EP launch tour, to talk awkward family conversations and the secret behind their next -level sound. Spoiler Alert: get an insight into what you missed out on since you didn’t go to one of their gigs (you know who you are). Here’s to more shows and more brilliant music so we can live in this pool of sweet trance just a little longer.

Alex Lifeson in His Own Words

Alex Lifeson of Rush turns 61 on August 27 2014. Why celebrate Alex's 61st? Well, Rush are planning a 41stAnniversary Tour for 2015, so thought we'd stay as kookily contrary as the legendary Toronto trio. There's little need to reiterate Lifeson's standing in rock guitar's pantheon. He's hugely talented and unique, you already know that. And like Rush the band, he's...

The Road to Becoming a Successful Songwriter

Ben Camp is a successful songwriter whose song “Gold” was a hit for Victoria Justice, tallying more than 14 million YouTube views. I met Ben when he joined the summer faculty of the Pacific Music Business Camp and demonstrated his teaching and songwriting savvy with high school age aspiring producers and songwriters. He’ll be spending the next year teaching songwriting at his alma mater...

Interview with Fishing

It’s no secret that Fishing are on the up ‘ up! The Sydney duo have been slaying their live shows and have clocked in plenty of time collaborating with other artists. Russell Fitzibbon took some time out during rehearsals to talk shop about the album and performing as a band with two broken arms.

Interview with Fractures

Coming away from a series of gigs Happy spoke to Fractures about the inspirations behind his atmospheric tracks, his Splendour experience and heaven forbid, what he would be doing instead of music. What are some songs or artists that have influenced you musically and personally? I wouldn’t say any specific song comes to mind as having a direct influence on either aspect of my life. A lot of the time songs will...
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