New Album A Personal One For Dwight

Music is an emotional tool that sometimes helps us through a difficult time in life. Nobody knows that better than California native Shane Dwight. The singer has just released his latest album, A Hundred White Lies, and to call it an intensely personal one would be nothing short of an understatement. The songs on the disc reflect Dwight’s mood during the separation and eventual divorce from his wife. All but one of the songs on the disc stem from the emotions that the couple...

Nils Lofgren Reflects On Life At 60 and the Loss of Clarence Clemons

Timing is everything. When I spoke with guitarist Nils Lofgren on Nov. 9, he was candid about his recovery following a double-hip replacement and turning 60 on June 21, as well as the loss of his close friend, E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons, just a few days earlier.But not once during our phone chat did Lofgren tip his hand about Bruce Springsteen and the band’s 2012 tour, news of which the Boss revealed on his website a week later. Still, it was clear in the interview...

Timothy B. Schmit - Soaring Without The Eagles For Solo Project

This fall, groundbreaking vocalist, songwriter and bass player TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT-- well-known for his work as a member of THE EAGLES and with the country rock group Poco--is gearing up for a U.S. tour. For the month-long trek (see dates below), TIMOTHY and his full band will perform songs from his fifth solo effort EXPANDO (2009, Lost Highway/Universal) as well as gems by THE EAGLES and Poco. Written and produced by Schmit, Expando presents...

Slash and the First Solo

On July 24 of this year, guitar legend Slash played Stoke-on-Trent, England, the day after his birthday. This concert held a special significance for him, because he was born in Hampstead (he was known as Saul Hudson before he was Slash) and he had grown up in the area until he turned 6. It’s fitting then that he played a career-spanning set, covering his work in Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, and his recent Slash CD, which he recorded for posterity’s sake on...

Jimmy White Remembers A 'Friend' Named 'Smoke'

God puts angels into our paths at exact times for exact reasons. Jimmy White knows this for a fact. Long an animal lover, White had always been more of a dog person. Until, “Smoke” came along. “I had a cat – actually, it was the first cat I ever had. We were very close,” he recalls fondly. “I had a job where I worked out of my home. He was diabetic. Between spending big parts of every day with him and caring for him – giving him insulin shots every day, I got to be real close to this cat. His name was Smoke. I began...

Brandon Rhyder – Live & Cookin!

In a sense, Texas Music is a very wide musical format. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. One artist who has had a lot of success in the state is Brandon Rhyder. How would he define the format? “People call is Red Dirt Music. They call it Texas Music. When people ask me what kind of music I play, I just tell them Country Music. It might not fit in the box of is considered mainstream Country Music, but it’s still in the realm. It’s on the fringe.” Rhyder, enjoying success with his new CD / DVD set...

The McCrary Sisters - Living "The Journey"

The musical path of the McCrary Sisters has taken them to the heights of the Gospel Music world over their career, and their latest disc, Our Journey, is a reminder of that. In an interview for MNN, Regina McCrary said their father was very much a part of the sessions. “It was definitely a dream he had for us,” she said. “All of us girls looked at each other and said ‘Let’s go for it.’ We started out writing songs and picking out others, and doing what came naturally. It’s something...

The Kentucky Headhunters – Back To The Future!

Just like Randy Travis is no doubt asked about his landmark 1986 album Storms Of Life, the Kentucky Headhunters still hear comments from fans about their equally legendary 1990 platter Pickin’ On Nashville. The sales numbers, award tallies, and impact on the fans were not planned that way, says the band’s Fred Young. “You can’t be a band, and put that type of album out and expect that type of success,” he tells MNN. It’s like lightning striking. We almost had to step away from that whole scene in a sense. It was...

Kelly Lang – Gets Personal With "11-11"

One thing that you will hear an artist invariably say when he or she releases a new album is ‘This album is more me than anyone ever before.’ When Kelly Lang says it, you can believe it. Her new album 11 – 11 is very much a personal project right down to the title. “11-11 - when I was a little girl - my dad would always make a point whenever he would see the clock roll over – wherever he was on the planet, he would call us kids, and say it’s 11:11. I love you. It was a special bond between all of us. We would...

Coy Taylor – A Man On The Move!

Country newcomer Coy Taylor has been seeing a lot of the United States on his recent radio tour, and just like Hank Snow’s classic, he’s been everywhere. Taylor has been visiting radio stations to promote his debut single, “Fall For You.” Taylor says things have gone very well. “We’ve been doing some radio tours at the Music Row / Billboard / Indicator stations, and we’re excited about that,” he told “They’ve been treating us really good out there, so it’s been fun getting out there...

The Oak Ridge Boys + Cracker Barrel = A "Natural" Combination

There have been some great business partnerships throughout Country Music history. Eddy Arnold & Log Cabin Syrup. Loretta Lynn & Crisco. George Strait & Wrangler. Oak Ridge Boys bass singer Richard Sterban is very proud of the new marketing association that the Oaks have entered into with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for their new album It’s Only Natural and thinks that the association fits just as well. “It’s a great thing,’ he said in an exclusive interview for MNN. “We have respected Cracker Barrel...

Tom Hambridge Goes “Boom”

Take a listen to Boom!, the latest disc from Tom Hambridge, and you will hear a dash of Country, a smidgen of Southern Rock, and a sprinkle of Pop Music. That’s the way he prefers it. “I guess that I threw together all the stuff that I grew up listening to and that I still love. I try not to put it in a box. Whatever I’m feeling, I go for – you know,” he tells Hambridge’s talent is evident as a songwriter, a singer, a player, and a producer. Which one does he prefer? “Boy...

Mac McAnally Goes Live!

A talk with the legendary Mac McAnally is like a conversation with an old friend. In my eighteen years of doing interviews, I can honestly say that I have never felt as comfortable in talking with an entertainer. Recently, MNN had a chance to chat with the artist about his brand new album Live In Muscle Shoals. The first ever live album from McAnally, he said that the adrenaline flow from playing in front of an audience is something you can’t experience from the studios where he usually records. “That’s true,” he...

Kenny Lee - Burnin' Up The Nashville Scene

Country music singer/songwriter Kenny Lee is burnin’ up the Nashville scene with a radio show, several hot new songs, and a new video that features a member of country music’s favorite first families. Lee calls the style of music in his new video “I’m Onto You” as “Big Band Country.” Jimmie VanZant and Roni Stoneman star in the production which can be viewed on Youtube. Stoneman, once a regular the television show Hee Haw, wrote and played...

Reckless Kelly's Willy Braun Opens Up With Q&A

For fifteen years Reckless Kelly has been doing things their way, bucking the mainstream system and playing by their own rules, straddling the fence between country and rock as if they built it themselves. Throughout the years their old school approach to recording has always adhered to one main objective: make each record better than the last. Their latest effort, “Good Luck & True Love” is no exception to this rule.
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