The Oak Ridge Boys + Cracker Barrel = A "Natural" Combination

There have been some great business partnerships throughout Country Music history. Eddy Arnold & Log Cabin Syrup. Loretta Lynn & Crisco. George Strait & Wrangler. Oak Ridge Boys bass singer Richard Sterban is very proud of the new marketing association that the Oaks have entered into with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for their new album It’s Only Natural and thinks that the association fits just as well. “It’s a great thing,’ he said in an exclusive interview for MNN. “We have respected Cracker Barrel...

Tom Hambridge Goes “Boom”

Take a listen to Boom!, the latest disc from Tom Hambridge, and you will hear a dash of Country, a smidgen of Southern Rock, and a sprinkle of Pop Music. That’s the way he prefers it. “I guess that I threw together all the stuff that I grew up listening to and that I still love. I try not to put it in a box. Whatever I’m feeling, I go for – you know,” he tells Hambridge’s talent is evident as a songwriter, a singer, a player, and a producer. Which one does he prefer? “Boy...

Mac McAnally Goes Live!

A talk with the legendary Mac McAnally is like a conversation with an old friend. In my eighteen years of doing interviews, I can honestly say that I have never felt as comfortable in talking with an entertainer. Recently, MNN had a chance to chat with the artist about his brand new album Live In Muscle Shoals. The first ever live album from McAnally, he said that the adrenaline flow from playing in front of an audience is something you can’t experience from the studios where he usually records. “That’s true,” he...

Kenny Lee - Burnin' Up The Nashville Scene

Country music singer/songwriter Kenny Lee is burnin’ up the Nashville scene with a radio show, several hot new songs, and a new video that features a member of country music’s favorite first families. Lee calls the style of music in his new video “I’m Onto You” as “Big Band Country.” Jimmie VanZant and Roni Stoneman star in the production which can be viewed on Youtube. Stoneman, once a regular the television show Hee Haw, wrote and played...

Reckless Kelly's Willy Braun Opens Up With Q&A

For fifteen years Reckless Kelly has been doing things their way, bucking the mainstream system and playing by their own rules, straddling the fence between country and rock as if they built it themselves. Throughout the years their old school approach to recording has always adhered to one main objective: make each record better than the last. Their latest effort, “Good Luck & True Love” is no exception to this rule.

Dailey & Vincent – Taking The Bluegrass Overseas!

It’s a long way from Gainesboro, TN to Europe and Ireland, but the Bluegrass super duo Dailey and Vincent, but their recent debut overseas was nothing short of a resounding success. “We were in Europe for two weeks,” reports the duo’s Jamie Dailey. “We were over there in Ireland by ourselves, and had sold-out shows every night. We were very thankful for that. Then, we went to Switzerland and were there with Laura Bell Bundy and Trace Adkins, and had sold out shows there. It was...

The Roys – Enjoying The Ride

It goes without saying that it is a good time to be Lee and Elaine Roy these days. The sibling duo is having, without a doubt, the best year of their career. Their debut project for Rural Rhythm, Lonesome Whistle, has put them in front of many new fans this year. And, for them, that’s a very good thing indeed. Elaine says the disc wasn’t what they originally had planned, as they had just released a new CD last summer. But, it all came together.

Mike Aiken - A Way To Give Back!

Mike Aiken has been fortunate to enjoy some success in the music business. The popular entertainer has found a way to give back a little with his 6th Annual Smithfield Music's Aiken & Friends Fest, which takes place in Smithfield, VA September 30 – October 1. It’s an event that is near and dear to the singer’s heart. He shared with MNN about the beginnings of the event. “My idea to start this festival happened when I was sailing from the Bahamas to the Chesapeake Bay,” he...

Phil Collen Bringing Def Leppard To His Own Backyard

How did one of hard rock's most successful acts decide to make its first-ever live album? In the case of Def Leppard, the answer was not to even think about it. “The reason we've never recorded a live album before is because we've either been in tour mode or we're recording a (studio album), so a live album was never really a priority,” said guitarist Phil Collen, who recently invited me to his Laguna Hills home to talk about Def Leppard’s newly released CD/DVD collection...

Sunny Sweeney – A Year To Remember!

Sunny Sweeney says that if you see her after a show, or at Walmart for that matter, it’s ok. Come on up an say hi! It’s why she does what she does. “I would be upset if nobody asked me to do any of this,” she told MusicNewsNashville. “This is what any of us want when we start out. You want people to come to the shows, I want promoters to bring me to their shows. I want to sign things for fans are that are at my shows, so I’m completely – without sounding like a drama queen...

The Wagons – Welcome To The U.S.A.

In the “Land Down Under,” the music of the Wagons is among the most popular around. Now, with the release of their new CD Rumble, Shake, & Tumble, the band has set their sights on crossing over to a new audience – one based in the United States! MNN recently had the chance to catch up with leader of the band, Henry Wagons, and he proved to be a very interesting interview. One of the first questions asked to him was the fact that some have described the music of The Wagons as “Dr. Suess...

A Good Time To Be Granger Smith

Granger Smith is a Texas Music artist. And, quite a successful one. He’s notched seven top ten singles on the chart, and has been a successful road artist in the Lone Star state for sometime. However, he’s a little bit different than a lot of Texas artists. He’s a little more traditional Country based then some of fellow Texans, While he does admit to being a little bit different, the singer is proud of the genre. “I’m in the Texas Music Circuit because of geography. I’m very blessed to have this music here, and the...

Justin Moore – Having A Good Time!

Justin Moore is an artist who believes in giving fans their monies worth. “We like to have a good time,” he says of his stage show. “I don't take myself too seriously. I tell the band every night that it's our job to go throw a party for a couple of hours. On this years' show, we're doing a lot of the songs off of the first album, but we're doing a lot of stuff off of the second album, as well. Hopefully, they will have a good time,” he added. The Valory Music Co. recording artist is having a grand ole time these...

Jesse McReynolds Salutes Jerry Garcia

When people talk about historic family names, Williams, Carter, and Cash are three that seem to come up. Another last name that has quite a bit of history behind it is that of McReynolds. While best known through Bluegrass legends Jim & Jesse, the name goes back a little further, as Jesse explains. “My grandfather, Charlie, was a part of the Bristol Session,” he tells MusicNewsNashville. One tune actually came out on the project. We’re down to the fifth generation now. My grandchildren have played some. They’re doing some...

Autumn Letendre – As Real As It Gets!

They say that Country Music is the musical art form that most typically represents real life. If that is true, newcomer Autumn Letendre is right where she needs to be with the release of her new album, Raise Your Flag. When asked about her songs, the Indiana native said that “They are very much real, and very much two-fold—because of the fact there is emotion, but also immense pride. That is sometimes hard to convey...
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