Five Finger Death Punch’s Jason Hook Talks Signature Explorer

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook is on top of the rock world. After all, not only is his band co-headlining the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with Rob Zombie this summer, but the group is also releasing two albums this year: “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell,” Volumes 1 and 2. Even with all the Death Punch momentum, on the phone, Hooks seems most stoked to chat about his new signature Gibson M4-Sherman. “I was so impressed ...

La Luz - Ready To Make Some Splashes

Today I had the pleasure of chatting it up on the phone with the spunky ladies from the band La Luz. When I called the band they were on the road leaving Atlanta and headed to their next show in Knoxville. The main person holding the phone was the band leader herself, Shana. I asked the band if they got to experience any cool Atlanta nightlife after the show, but sadly the band did not get to venture out due to their exhaustion from their drive in when their van broke down in Alabama the previous...

Truth & Salvage Co. Touring Behind New Album

Truth & Salvage Co., formed in Los Angeles and now based in Nashville, is preparing to embark on a six-week tour in support of their new album, Pick Me Up, the follow-up to their self-titled album produced by Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. The band's sound has been called everything from roots rock to Americana; in other words, they've been lumped in with genres that include acts that sound like anyone from The Band to any number of T-Bone Burnett-produced acts. In the...

Andrew Combs and the New Face of Nashville

For a journalist, it gets a little wearisome for me to write about singer-songwriter after singer-songwriter, since practically anyone who can afford a guitar and a tuner can call themselves one. And it becomes equally boring - and usually foolish - to constantly compare these writers to Steve Earle or Townes Van Zandt or Hank or The Hag. At least until I hear somebody who's the real deal. Andrew Combs is the real deal. He writes what he lives and sings like he needs to do it...

Jack White on the Art of Playing Guitar

Jack White has a minimalistic approach to guitar playing. When it comes to music equipment Jack goes for a "less is more" approach. But the vintage fanatic White does make use of modern technology when it comes to effects like pitch shifters. Here we take a look at some of White’s ideas and influences behind his guitar playing style, as well as some insight in how he achieves his very unique sound. 1. Jack White’s guitar playing is often characterized by a very raw sound, and an intense delivery...

Jeremy Parsons: Stoking the Fires of True Country Music

Most 20-something country singers in Nashville are mixing their country with everything from AC/DC to, well, bad pop. But one younger country vocalist couldn't care less about trying to emulate what's on the radio today, cares nothing about songs with crunchy guitars and formulaic arrangements aimed at soccer moms. Jeremy Parsons thinks country should be country, and he says so night after night musically, verbally and in his appearance. Known for his black cowboy hat and attire that brings...

The World According to Ronnie Wood

2013 is a good year for Ronnie Wood. He’s just turned 66 – “I’m really lucky to have survived everything I put myself through,” he admits. Plus, The Rolling Stones play the Glastonbury festival for the first time ever on June 29. Wood was key in persuading his fellow Stones that “we must do this.” When you’re in a band with Keith Richards, you’ll always be “the other guitarist.” It wasn’t long ago that the other Stones referred to Wood as “the new boy” (he joined in 1975!)...

A Conversation With Della Mae

Rising Americana / Bluegrass group Della Mae took time during their stop in Atlanta to talk with Cristina deVallescar about their new album This World Oft Can Be, as well as touring life, travel to other countries, working together as an all-girl band and more. Comprised of Celia Woodsmith on Vocals and rhythm guitar, Kimber Ludiker on fiddle, Jenni Lyn Gardner playing mandolin, guitarist Courtney Hartman and Shelby Means on vocals, Della Rae is making a name for themselves on the touring...

The Guitar World According to Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has made a name for himself by writing catchy rock songs. With Oasis’ first two albums, it seemed he could do nothing wrong. Every song released became a massive hit for the band. After a disappointing third album, and struggling fourth one, Oasis came back strong with Heathen Chemistry, and it seems that Gallagher really has found his stride since. His first solo release Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds was a success both critically as well as with the fans. Here...

Tom Randles Is Jazz and News in Music City

Playing jazz is seldom the path to stardom and even less often the path to riches. Jazz players play for the love of the music, and usually find some kind of day job to pay the bills. One jazz guitarist who has found great success in both his artistic life and his work life, though, is Tom Randles. Having just produced his fourth album, Destination Music City, Randles is well-known in jazz circles as a fine player who mixes the traditions of the masters with the licks and sound of more contemporary...

Thompson Square Downplays Duets on Just Feels Good

Keifer and Shawna Thompson explore new avenues and share stories of their personal and professional voyage on Just Feels Good, the second album they’ve released as Thompson Square. “We wanted to really open up our lives to everybody on this album,” Keifer explained. “It’s literally a soundtrack to our lives over the last 13 or 15 years.” “I’m so proud of this album because they did what is so tough to do: They stayed true to their brand but really pushed themselves...

A Conversation With Bombadil

Folk-pop group Bombadil made a stop on their tour in Duluth, GA, where they took a few moments to talk with me about their career, their new album and more. Daniel Michalak, Stuart Robinson and James Phillips shared stories from the road as well as discussing the songwriting for their newest album, Metrics of Affection. We held the interview in an antique store across the road from the Red Clay Theater where they were playing. Thank you to Trishland antiques ( for the...

Songdish: Promote, Find, Distribute and Track Your Music For Free

It’s tough out there for indie musicians. But more independent artists are in control of their careers and their destiny than ever before. The market is crowded, and it can be hard to make noise and be heard, even by your hardcore fans. What if there was one place you could go to access all the tools you need to make a real measurable difference in marketing yourself to your fans and other music professionals? Songdish may just be the music community you’ve been looking for.

This Just In - A Conversation with Robin Meade - Part 2

She’s the anchor of HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade on CNN. She’s a former Miss Ohio. She’s an exceptionally talented singer, songwriter and artist who’s now released two CDs. Robin Meade recently sat down with me to talk about her new album, Count On Me, as well as her career in broadcasting, balancing multiple creative paths and more. Click on the graphic below to watch Part 2 of my interview with Robin, and make sure to check her out at Her new CD is...

This Just In - A Conversation With Robin Meade - Part 1

She's the anchor of HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade on CNN. She's a former Miss Ohio. She's exceptionally talented singer, songwriter and artist who's now released two CDs. Robin Meade recently sat down with me to talk about her new album, Count On Me, as well as her career in broadcasting, balancing multiple creative paths and more. Click on the link below to watch Part 1 of my interview with Robin, and make sure to check her out at...
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