Jackie Arredondo - Coach To The Stars Steps Into The Spotlight

Jackie Arredondo’s latest single might be titled “Insane,” but that is far from a honest description of her. Long known as one of America’s best vocal coaches, she is embarking on a new career direction----putting herself in the spotlight that she has encouraged so many to shine in. “That was my first profession before becoming an artist,” says the Florida native. “I’ve been very blessed to be able to work with...

Daniel Smith: Writing Them From The Heart!

Country newcomer Daniel Smith says the inspiration behind his most recent single, “When I Close My Eyes For Good,” came from an honest place. “It’s a ballad I wrote about four years ago,” he says. “The inspiration was my girlfriend, who is now my fiancée. It was one of those songs where I just opened my heart and poured it out. I finished it in fifteen minutes. It was the first time something...

Abbie Lynn - Love and Patience Makes It Work

Abbie Lynn approaches the music business like she does her family, a lot of love, a lot of patience and a lot of help from loved ones. “I love music and want to bring the emotional quality of my songs to a level where everyone enjoys my music and participates in the positive emotions that I feel while performing.” Abbie is a young progressive Top 40 country music performer that has completed her latest album project in Nashville.

The Roys ~ 12 Pack Questions

The talented brother/sister duo Lee and Elaine Roy are fairly new faces on the bluegrass scene, but they keep good company. Their debut album on Rural Rhythm Records was recorded at Ricky Skaggs’ studio, and it features guest musicians Mark Fain (bass), Justin Moses (banjo), Randy Kohrs (Dobro), Cody Kilby (guitar), Steve Brewster (drums on four tracks), and Andy Leftwich (fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki)...

Mandy Barnett Revisits "Always"

The year was 1994. Crossville, Tennessee’s very own Mandy Barnett took to the stage of the Ryman Auditorium for the first time to portray the legendary Patsy Cline in the stage production “Always….Patsy Cline.” She has reprised her role on the Ryman stage several times since then, and starting on June 17, will be back on Nashville’s Fifth Avenue in another run of the musical. When asked about the...

Glenn Kearney: You Can't Keep a Good Man Down!

Spend any amount of time with Georgia-bred Glenn Kearney, and you will instantly understand how important Traditional Country Music is to him. “I think about a song of Travis Tritt’s, ‘Country Ain’t Country,’ he says. “He’s talking about the houses going up, and the trees coming down. It’s sort of spilled over, I think to the genre that I so love. It’s a joy to be able to go do a...

Shawna Russell - Getting It Right

Often, artists remark that that time between your first and second discs can be quite intimidating. After all, you spend your life---up to that point---preparing for that debut disc, and then you only have about eighteen months to do it again. For Oklahoma-born Shawna Russell, the period between her 2008 debut Goddess has been one of huge personal and artistic growth, which ...

Andy Griggs - Can I Get An Amen

It’s hard to believe, but it has been a dozen years since Andy Griggs broke onto the Nashville music scene with “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely.” In a recent interview for MNN, the singer recalled that it was huge time of transition. “It’s very hard to believe. I don’t feel much different, but I was a kid back then,” he admits. “That was an exciting moment, because it was my very first single. I had hardly even traveled much before that...


Ricochet’s Heath Wright will remember Thanksgiving Day 1995 for the rest of his life. “I had just finished a recording session in Nashville,” he recalls. “It was a Wednesday night. Well, technically, it was Thursday morning, and it was Thanksgiving. I was driving home because I had been in the studio till late Thursday morning because I was trying to finish up some demo sessions........

The Dirt Drifters - Mixing It Up

They say that variety is the spice of life. That is no more true when you listen to the music of Warner Brothers recording act The Dirt Drifters. There’s a huge mix of Country, a pinch of Rock & Roll, a sprinkle of the Blues, and more importantly, a whole lot of fun all around while listening to these guys. They take a lot of pride in their music, and as much pride in who they are recording for.

Mary McDonough Offers "Lessons" In New Book

Sometimes, a book title can have multiple meanings. A good case in point is the new memoir from actress Mary McDonough, Lessons From The Mountain: What I Learned From Playing Erin Walton. From the title, you might think the book would be totally about her experiences growing up on the classic CBS series, which was set in Walton’s Mountain, Virginia. However, the “mountain” is more

Burns & Poe - Outside The Box

When it comes to thinking outside the box with creativity and production, Burns & Poe (made up of Michelle Poe and Keith Burns) get 4 stars. The limited edition LP/CD package has been available for purchase exclusively to fans since late last year via the Burns and Poe web page. Now, the worldwide release of their double disc features the current radio single “How Long Is Long Enough?,” a mournful post-breakup musical tale...

Brett Eldredge - “Raymond” Helps Singer Launch Career While Helping Others

The Nashville Songwriters Association International has a motto---“It All Begins With A Song.” If you hold that opinion to be true, the career of Warner Brothers recording artist Brett Eldredge can be traced to the success of his debut single, “Raymond,” which is turning out to be a pretty good song, indeed! “It’s been a fun journey,” Eldredge said of watching the single---performed from the
Jamey Johnsoon & Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys of Alabama - Taking The High Road

In this business, you are pretty blessed to get to be able to talk to recording artists quite a bit. Sometimes, you even get to speak with someone who is a “star,” or maybe a legend.” Then, there are those ultra-rare opportunities that you get to be in the presence of someone who is more than all of that put together----a true pioneer. Recently, on a beautiful spring day in Music City

Bryan White - The Little Things

Bryan White was born and raised in Lawton/Fort Sill, Oklahoma to a musical family. His parents and grandparents were musicians and singers. Growing up he listened to all kinds of music. His parents played in cover bands and, thanks to his father, he learned to play drums while he was still very young. He recalls that it came naturally to him and he became so good at the drums that his parents
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