Interview With ISLND

Oliver Fleming by day, and ISLND by night, Happy caught up with this electronic producer from Sydney to chat about multiple DJ personalities, Nutri-Grain and suing Vince Gilligan. How did you get into music? What or who first influenced you to start making tunes? It all started several years ago when I was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and was given 6 months tops. Since I had a family to provide for I met up with a friend of mine, Vince, and we drove out...

Interview with Palms

Ever wondered why a life spent playing music is a sweet one? Following the release of their debut album, Step Brothers, we pinned down Palms’ frontman, Al (aka happy dude at Cream on King St), for a little chat. Here’s what he had to say. How did Palms come to be? Well, me and Tom were playing in a band called Red Riders together for about 8 years. When we stopped that band, we still wanted to make music, so Palms was sort of born from that. We met the right...

Interview with I Know Leopard

Sydney via Adelaide four-piece I Know Leopard have released their very first single, She, from their forthcoming EP Illuminia. Before their November east coast tour, Happy cornered them for a little chat about the Adelaide hills, the difference between Chewbacca and leopards, and what it’s like to communicate musically. How was I Know Leopard born? Basically this is a new incarnation of an old project that I moved over with. I’m originally from the Adelaide Hills and most of us...

Interview with Zeahorse

Following their very recent debut album release, we sat down with Zeahorse boys Morgan and Ben to have a chin-wag about the Sydney music scene, the 90s rave culture, and their post-Pools plans. So I just wanted to ask you guys first, how did you meet and how did the band come about? We all went to high school together in Hornsby, apart from Jules, our drummer. We were all part of the music department there. So we had like a long history of just writing songs together...

Interview with Little Bastard

Little Bastard are a seven piece bluegrass party band that smell like beer. They’ve been touring heavily for the last couple of years, playing shows all around the country. They’ve also just been added to the line-up for Falls Festival at Lorne. I hung out with the man behind the double bass, Daniel D’arcy, and asked him some questions. Talk us through the conception of the baby that is Little Bastard. So, it all began with Lyall Moloney, a local muso, put...

Interview with Day Ravies

Caroline de Dear is one quarter of Sydney psychedelic pop quartet Day Ravies. Happy had a chat to her in the wake of Tussle‘s release and talked about Adelaidean bunk beds, the Marrickville scene and the awesomeness of Deerhunter. First of all congratulations on releasing Tussle and all the rave reviews it’s been getting around the world – how does it feel to have your debut album so warmly received? It feels pretty wonderful. We all put so much into it, it’s really...

Interview With The Pretty Littles

Budding (potential) lawyer by day, and the lead singer of Melbourne’s gnarly party band, The Pretty Littles by night, Jack Parsons is a man of many talents. We chatted with him one fine morning, and enjoyed a refreshingly honest conversation concerning the problem with smoking doobies before getting on stage, the sticky floor of the Lansdowne, and battling dem university blues. I just wanted to ask you first how the band got started and how you guys know each other...

Interview with All The Locals

Atlanta-based blues / rock band, All The Locals (ATL), have been building themselves a solid following as they criss-cross the U.S. on tour, promoting their newest release All The Locals II. While taking a break from the road, they sat down with Dan Harr and talked about their rising career, life on the road and much more. After the interview, they took time to record a video in the studio for their song, "Follow Me."

Interview with Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron has just released his glorious debut, Jumping The Shark, via his personal internet website. In celebration of this, Happy sat down with Alex to discuss his debut solo album, lament the loss of the Hopetoun Hotel and review what happens to you when you watch Cheaper By the Dozen on repeat. Your debut album is dropping very soon – how long has this album been in the works? I’ve been working on this one a while, I’ve been writing songs for it since about this...

Guitar Talk with A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel, Part 2

Last week, we ran Part 1 of our interview with A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel. This week, we continue with Part 2, offering a look at Howerdel’s affinity for Les Pauls and how he acquired his prized 1960 reissue. Did you use any Gibsons for recording “By and Down?” Always! (Laughs) It’s all I really play. My main guitar is a 1960 reissue that is actually a happy accident. I was a guitar tech for Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails on their Downward Spiral Tour in 1994 or 1995. I went ...

A Conversation With Della Mae - Part 2

Rising Americana / Bluegrass group Della Mae took time during their stop in Atlanta to talk with Cristina deVallescar about their new album This World Oft Can Be, as well as touring life, travel to other countries, working together as an all-girl band and more. Comprised of Celia Woodsmith on Vocals and rhythm guitar, Kimber Ludiker on fiddle, Jenni Lyn Gardner playing mandolin, guitarist Courtney Hartman and Shelby Means on vocals, Della Mae is making a name for themselves ...

A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel Talks ‘By and Down,’ Part 1

A Perfect Circle brings together Maynard James Keenan’s yearning voice and Billy Howerdel’s imaginative guitars, and the result is a masterpiece of moody art-rock. Howerdel’s guitar work is a focal point of A Perfect Circle. His sensitivity to sound makes for ambient and textured songs, brimming with beauty and theatrical sonics. Although A Perfect Circle haven’t released a full studio album since 2004, the band has stayed active on the touring circuit. The guys released their first studio ...

Balsam Range’s Buddy Melton on his Road to Recovery

Last Thanksgiving, Buddy Melton was simply grateful to be alive. This year, he’s eager to share new insights after triumphantly returning from life-threatening injuries sustained in an accident on his farm. “I was doing something I shouldn’t do,” Melton recalls about that day in March of 2012. “I was working with those cows and no one knew it. Lots of folks with small farms or businesses make the same decision. You do a lot of stuff by yourself and you forget how dangerous it is...

Interview with Machine Translations

Few Australian artists have had as unique and prolific a career as our very own Greg Walker. Nor is there any one with this much industry respect and admiration harder to find info about! A very outdated web page and a Facebook profile that was only just launched don’t help. But… these are all endearing facts that reflect a delicate and somewhat introverted artist who’s far less interested in the hype and wants to focus on the facts. So I’ll mention some of what I know but rest assured ...
Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay

New Artist Spotlight: Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay

Before the World Was Made is a delicious mix: raw, retro Country plus sweet irony. That’s apparently the specialty of Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay, the Austin-based duo whose debut, on their B&N imprint, is hilarious, sentimental and profound, usually all at the same time. Produced by Gurf Murlix, with only one of its 12 tracks penned by an outside writer, this album draws from Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, the Louvin Brothers and, perhaps unconsciously, Nichols and May. Backed by...
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