Charlie Farley

New Artist Spotlight: Charlie Farley

It’s official: Rap has crossed over to Country. What was a novelty just a few years ago is now a subgenre, whose ties to hip-hop are as fascinating as they are controversial. Charlie Farley gets both forms of music. Stylistically, this native of De Queen, Ark., vocalizes with complete authenticity, from the rhythm of his rhymes to the hints of melody that emphasize key words and cadences. Influenced as much by Tupac as Hank Williams, he began writing poetry at 12. In May ...

Interview with Bad//Dreems

Bad//Dreems are the Adelaide foursome you’ve probably been hearing a lot about recently. Touring frequently, getting a bit of web-buzz and some rotation on local radio, Bad//Dreems are one of the most interesting groups in the recent dolewave/strewthcore movement (although I feel they’d object to us categorising them). We had a long distance chat to guitarist Alex Cameron about the perils of playing too many gigs in a small town, the who’s who...

Building Your Online Presence

Two years ago, singer/songwriter Michael Shoup started 12South Music to help his artist friends with music publishing. Today, 12South Music creates websites, videos, and marketing plans tailored to the artist based on genre, demographics, and all the things that make a music artist unique. I spoke with Michael to get some insights and specific examples of what he means when he talks about a holistic approach to online music marketing.

Buckcherry Guitarist Keith Nelson Introduces His Collector’s Choice Gibson

“It’s a guitar that all my heroes played: Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Keith Richards. All the guys I admired played that guitar,” he told “There’s nothing like the sound and feel and shape. Everything about the Les Paul is really perfect. To be able to use one to make music every night—I’m really grateful for that.” For years, Nelson has called the ’59 Sunburst Les Paul his guitar of choice for Buckcherry, both on the road and in the studio...

Zakk Wylde: I Love All My Gibson Guitars

Zakk Wylde is known for his blazing Les Paul Bullseyes, Explorers and Flying Vs, but there’s a new Wylde model on the block: The limited edition Zakk Wylde Moderne of Doom. The Moderne of Doom is modeled after the legendary, yet never released, third member of the Modernist Series of the late 1950s: the Gibson Moderne. A few highlights include a Zakk Wylde design with a maple top and mahogany back, a maple neck with a Richlite fingerboard, EMG 81 ...

New Artist Spotlight: Parmalee

A Southern rock patrimony, dues paid in church gigs, a player too drunk to pick, and a late-night gunfight: Parmalee’s Country pedigree is as real as it gets. Brothers Matt and Scott Thomas tagged along on their father’s blues/rock band gigs around Greenville, N.C. Soon they started playing on their own, joined by their cousin Barry Knox, a church choir drummer. After their dad’s inebriated guitar player failed to appear for a show, Matt took his place, with Scott assuming...

Who Backs Your Music Crowdfunding Project?

Here is a real world, music crowdfunding success story for you. Louder Spaces raised $8470 in January with their music Kickstarter! Their bass player, Oren, kindly took the time to shed some light on who specifically ended up backing their project. Here is what Oren had to say. Who Backed Your Music Crowdfunding Project? Along with the [2530] FB likes, we have a significant fan base on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Twitter. We used these avenues to promote...

The Gibson Interview: Johnny A (Part 2)

Boston guitar maestro Johnny A is currently busy putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming March 2014 album,Driven. If you haven’t heard or seen Johnny A, do your ears a favor and listen. From slick jazz-motifs to rock licks to inventive cover versions, Johnny is one of modern guitar’s instrumental masters. In Part 2 of his extensive talk with, Johnny A talks more about his signature Gibson Custom Johnny A model, Bigsbys...

The Producer’s Chair: Jim Catino

Jim Catino’s passion for great music, great songwriting and great artists rings through loud and clear and it shows in everything he embraces. Catino has now been with Sony Music Nashville for about 14 years, but, it’s only recently that his producer chops have been significantly recognized. A lot of producers cut their teeth in the studio doing hundreds of demos for publishing companies and un-signed artists before their first major producing opportunity...

The Gibson Interview: Johnny A (Part 1)

Sometimes, great players go too unnoticed — even in the Internet age. Johnny A is one. A supreme talent, Johnny is one of the best instrumental guitar players you’ll likely hear, but he’s still not a household name. 2014 could and should change that. He melds jazz, blues and rock with deftness, all with a delicately lyrical touch and great tone. asked Boston-born Johnny about his forthcoming new album, recording methods, guitars and how to cover...
Illustration by Elin Andersson

Interview with Major Leagues

Major Leagues are the jangly pop quartet from the sunshiney lands of Brisbane. If you’ve listened to FBi or Triple J in the last 6 months, you would have heard their super catchy track Endless Drain, taken from their debut EP Weird Season. We had a little chatty chat with them about life after The Saddle Club. First off the bat, how old are all of y’all and how did you meet? We all just turned 21 and celebrated together at Jake’s annual My Little Pony party. We met on the set of...

Industry Profile: Bruce Houghton

Bruce Houghton co-founded the American booking agency Skyline Music Agency with Andrea Sabata in Boston in 1985. Houghton had earlier kicked off his career in the music industry as a lowly intern at the local branch of A&M Records after leaving Boston University. After selling advertising for the Boston Phoenix, he was offered a job booking Boston's infamous nightclub, The Rathskeller better known as The Rat Club. Next came stints as a regional college middle...

Interview With ISLND

Oliver Fleming by day, and ISLND by night, Happy caught up with this electronic producer from Sydney to chat about multiple DJ personalities, Nutri-Grain and suing Vince Gilligan. How did you get into music? What or who first influenced you to start making tunes? It all started several years ago when I was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and was given 6 months tops. Since I had a family to provide for I met up with a friend of mine, Vince, and we drove out...

Interview with Palms

Ever wondered why a life spent playing music is a sweet one? Following the release of their debut album, Step Brothers, we pinned down Palms’ frontman, Al (aka happy dude at Cream on King St), for a little chat. Here’s what he had to say. How did Palms come to be? Well, me and Tom were playing in a band called Red Riders together for about 8 years. When we stopped that band, we still wanted to make music, so Palms was sort of born from that. We met the right...

Interview with I Know Leopard

Sydney via Adelaide four-piece I Know Leopard have released their very first single, She, from their forthcoming EP Illuminia. Before their November east coast tour, Happy cornered them for a little chat about the Adelaide hills, the difference between Chewbacca and leopards, and what it’s like to communicate musically. How was I Know Leopard born? Basically this is a new incarnation of an old project that I moved over with. I’m originally from the Adelaide Hills and most of us...
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