Ingrid Gerdes –Shed

by Chuck Dauphin

The beautiful Ingrid Gerdes hails from Missouri, but you might not be able to tell it from her latest project. This has such a Latin / R&B feel to it that will have you tapping your toes wildly.

From the opening strains of “Your Boyfriend,” you will find a 60s Pop feel that will definitely strike you as sensual. The music has that Latin beat that will get your blood going, but also credit Gerdes’ vocals for enchanting you in. She combines the Latin sound with straight-ahead R&B on cuts like “Move” and “Want Me Too.”

This is just good stuff all around. Gerdes commands your attention with her sultry and sensual side, which comes to fruition strongly on the sizzling “Wicked.” Whether fiery soul or stunning ballad such as “They Always Come Back,” she is a vocalist that is quite capable of doing it all. She ends the album with a major exclamation point on the Mariah-ish “Your Presence,” which is a huge highlight.

Write the name down, because you are going to see her around for quite a while! Maybe her being from Missouri is appropriate, after all, because she definitely uses the album to “Show” off her vocal talents all the way around!

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