Industry Queen Preshias Harris Is “Sentenced”

Preshias Harris, endearingly referred to ‘round “The Row” as the “Queen of Networking,” has announced her departure from PCG-Nashville as VP of Artist & Industry Relations. She has accepted the invitation to devote her time and talents on a full-time basis as a representative of McNeill Designs. Working alongside the brand as they unveil a Country Music Edition of the award-winning game You’ve been Sentenced!, Harris will act as Production Advisor and Artist & Industry Relations Representative.

Created to go above and beyond family fun, You’ve been Sentenced! has become an educational tool that is garnering rave reviews in homes, classrooms and educational facilities around the world and is now staged to reach a brand new audience. McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds, the game manufacturer, is set to introduce the You’ve been Sentenced! Country Music Edition to entertain the country music fan. Harris will work in alliance with McNeill Designs to elevate industry awareness and to produce and promote the new Country Music Edition.

The first sentence-forming game (boasting more than 18 industry awards), You’ve been Sentenced! is available in stores worldwide…and the Country Music Edition is “coming soon” to a retail outlet near you!

“You’ve been Sentenced! is a fun-filled, educational game that can be played by one and all and it is a natural fit for the country music format,” said Preshias Harris. “The response we all received playing with artists–sharing the literacy movement–during CRS was overwhelming and early proof that the Country Music Edition will be a winner! We’re excited to see what fun is in store for us.”

Harris can be reached at or 615-482-5823

Here’s what Country artists are saying about “You’ve Been Sentenced”



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