Indie-Folk Duo Fauntella Crow Unveil New EP “Lost Here”

fauntella-crow_lost-hereTwo incredibly talented and powerful artists from different ends of the musical rainbow, have joined forces to create a project that defies genre lines. Singer-songwriter Sunday Lane and violinist Jessy Greene collaborate to form the indie-folk band Fauntella Crow and are releasing the pensive EP Lost Here, available now on iTunes. The duo recently showcased their well-blended partnership at this year’s SXSW music festival, with their lead single “Just Try.” Lane and Greene merged their own styles to create a signature, deeply expressive and captivating sound that is all their own. Individually these women have gained a national following and critical acclaim as top notch artists who produce quality music. With this new project, both of their fan bases are in for a treat that’s twice as sweet.

Carried by the soulful strings of Greene’s violin and Lane’s heart-tugging piano keys, the Lost Here EP, features five lyrically compelling tracks that are lead by the pair’s soft yet convicting voices. Emotion and passion burst through each note and chord throughout this melodic art piece. Fauntella Crow’s breakout single “Just Try” is a piano-driven song about being young, vulnerable and in love. The title track “Lost Here” offers up dramatic instrumentals under angelic harmonies made to transport listeners to another world filled with romance. Each song on the EP was recorded in Venice, CA, and portrays relatable life experiences making the EP an easy and enjoyable listen. Lane and Greene have also shot an intriguing music video for the single “Just Try” and a live sentimental performance of “Give Myself Away.”

Sunday Lane, an Oklahoma native, fell in love with the black and white keys as a young girl. A classically trained pianist, she discovered her musical DNA, and began writing her inner most feelings and experiences, which led to her becoming a frequent performer and a local celebrity. Prior to Fauntella Crow, she released an EP, Bring Me Sunshine and an album From Where You Are, which received a warm reception from music lovers. Sparking interest in Hollywood, two of her songs were featured on the CW’s One Tree Hill and ABC’s Switched at Birth. Jessy Greene, also a vocalist, has had an exceptional journey herself and was formerly a member of Geraldine Fibbers and The Jayhawks. She has toured, recorded and played live shows with some of the industry’s biggest names including P!nk, Glen Campbell, The Foo Fighters, Wilco, and numerous others. Greene’s extensive list of collaborations speaks volumes to her artistry and dedication to her craft. Recently, Greene toured as part of Dave Grohl’s “Sound City Players” performing alongside Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, and Rick Springfield in support of Grohl’s directorial debut documentary Sound City, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

True musicianship is displayed in the essence of Fauntella Crow. After a Los Angeles premiere at Hotel Café and an invite to perform at the MTV Rock n Rolla Movie Awards Eco Party, Fauntella Crow is proving to be a reputable and highly anticipated indie-folk band that fans are dying to hear more from. With heart, soul, and instruments in tow, Fauntella Crow is destined for a successful path. Follow their journey by visiting



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