Halo Stereo – Self-Titled

By Kenny Hart

“…these guys make the visualizations in my media player make sense…”

¬†Halo Stereo’s self-titled debut release begins with “Fractured Fantasy”, a track that is strangely retro, yet refreshing for its avant-garde, new-wave-psychedelic feel, clearly the pick hit of this album. One could imagine listening to this in some altered state of consciousness, be it spiritually or chemically induced (and I don’t recommend the latter). Halo Stereo’s signature sound comprises highly melodic use of unusual intervals and tight vocal harmonies layered over a foundation of solid rhythms.

They run the gamut of hard-driving rock and semi-acoustic mellow songs. And while you can hear the garage band sound in some of the tunes, you can’t deny that they’re accomplished musicians; even when they are being slightly grungy, the sound is smooth and clean. Besides, these guys make the visualizations in my media player make sense — if that makes sense. Add well-written songs with poetic lyrics and you have a sound that is both easily digested and slightly addictive.

It doesn’t hurt when you have a veteran music man on your side, either. In this case, it’s musician / producer / Grammy Winner, Bill Cuomo, who has worked with the likes of Kim Carnes, Steve Perry, Whitesnake, Don Henly and Bad Company. The combination makes for music that is unquestionably on the cutting edge of the current rock scene. The band cites many influences, but the ones that stand out in their sound are Peter Gabriel, The Cars, early U2, and Sigur Ros. But don’t take that as a comparison; these guys are not imitators, they’re innovators.

Hailing from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Halo Stereo are:

Andrew Fry – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, noises
Jody Hicks – Bass, vocals
Will McCracken – Drums, noises
Robert Smith – Guitar, vocals

I hope we hear more from these talented artists — it’ll be a shame if we don’t. Check ’em out at http://www.halostereo.com/.



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