Half Deaf Clatch – Simple Songs for These Complicated Times

by Iain Patience

half-deaf-clatch_cdHalf Deaf Clatch is an English blues player with a strong love of traditional, 1920s and 30s US southern music. This is his second release in under a year, following on from the success of the truly remarkable ‘Life & Death of AJ Rail.’ Again, Clatch turns ┬áback time, setting his sights firmly in the feel of the past, with downright old-style, loose and free banjo picking and resonator guitar work holding centre stage. His voice is, as ever, wonderfully raw-edged, scratching along perfectly with the self-penned material in the mix.

Try listening to one track, ‘The Apocalypse Blues’, to get a real feel and idea of where this guy is coming from: it could have been written way back in the mists rather than now in these troubled times.

With each offering, Clatch simply gets stronger, more certain of the power of his music and its place in the modern, acoustic blues world. Each album suggests more to follow while sitting comfortably as a stunning and at times startling reminder of the worth of stand-alone releases.

This guy is simply the real deal, an oft over-worked phrase that fits him like a well-worn pair of old jeans.




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